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All For Nothing

Jul 09 2010 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Adamack
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33 Feedback

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Acoustic guitar, piano, and a very memorable hook melody over live drums.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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33 Feedback to “All For Nothing”

  1. Sounds just as good today when it first came out, Classic

  2. Awesome Man…

  3. Amazin”’

  4. Check my version, Thanks

  5. I hope someday acquire the license and enjoy this great piece.
    R Doble E, From Colombia.

  6. bad azz beat, tore somethin from my soul, I had to stab it with my freestyle dagger


  8. good jod ,i like this

  9. new song 2011 check it my song

  10. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

  11. nice I shot at him

  12. wery good

  13. Beautiful

  14. wooow very goodd

  15. bad kings

  16. hey dude,this beat like your other works so great,i like it

  17. You should upload the one beat called my valentine!!!Please!

  18. I’m assuming that this is something like a rework of that other beat u did, or a different take on the concept. I’d say that altogether this one works best, the drums are more solid and make for an easier beat to flow over. Hot shit

  19. Liking the acoustic. The hook fucks it up for me.

    Do something this style in G, that’d be hot.

  20. yeah he plays guitar i believe and adds to alot of his beats

  21. Right when i pressed play this beat amazed me,it fits my type of style,and it’s just inspiring to write to.Adamack you did a very good job here,please post more similar styles of this beat.

  22. so the hole beat is yours…You played the guitar and everything. Damn man this is awasome..

  23. Thanks everyone for your kind words.

    mast: The beat is sample-free. No worries there!
    mgk: I will have beats of a similar style coming soon. I’m glad a lot of people can relate to this kind of beat.

    I truly appreciate everyone’s support. Look out for new beats soon!


  24. insane beat, really got me thinking about my old girlfriend and how much i miss her after theese 2 years.

    five stars man. big up from sweden!

  25. Damn Dude At The Moment I Press Play I Was Feeling This Beat Nice I Like It!!! When Are You Gonna Put Up More This Style??

  26. OMG Just clicked on play and I said WTF?! This is true dope shit man, I must work on this right now, big up Adamack!

  27. amazing

  28. always bringen that fire, Adamack, im always feelin ya beats, stay up homie!! gud work

    keto hite kane vlere si gjithe hite e tjera

  29. is there any sample on this or it’s all yours?

  30. Holyshit this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 sick beats in a row, I’m in heaven already

  31. 5 starZ !

  32. And downloaded. Freaking awesome as hell man. Seriously, one of my top 5 favorites on the site.

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