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I See You

Jul 13 2010 | BPM: 83 | Producer: ADP
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20 Feedback

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Very synthy fresh melody using a square lead instrument with a crunk feeling to it.

Moods: Dark, Frantic, Silly

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20 Feedback to “I See You”

  1. ………i lake you

  2. great job my man

  3. i jus gassed it on this beat no hook

  4. this is simply amazing.

  5. i like it the general idea…but i think you put to much work into the phonos

  6. dammn ADP
    where you were?

  7. nice beat, just found this site not to long ago, best beat site out keep it up MvP303

  8. yo that beat is hot u got msn or something like that

  9. thanx for taking time out of your oh so busy schedule to bless us filthy peasants with a beat. Were not worthy, were not worthy….. but seriously dope beat.

    @tim treezy, lol

    @Slantize, this new feature is dope.

  10. Really great ! Hope to see more of yours !

  11. This is most def one of the top 3 from ADP :)

  12. damn bro i thought u quit lol, beat is stupid hard, goin nutcase on that pitch bend! haha, keep em coming like back in the days! ADP back in the buildin!

  13. sick 5/5, now we know ADP is still alive

  14. I’ll probly like it more when I get high

  15. I really feel this beat one of the best producers on this site!

  16. WOOOW this beat is smooth i love this one alot. Excellent production from you like always. The square sound is very hot. This is a BANGER!!!!!

  17. OH DAMN! I agree with Chevelle, this beat is definatly BANANAS!

    U allways have a fresh take on dirty south, crunk type beats ADP and i fucken love the way you put shit together! Very nice work man!

  18. bananassss bout time u got something new up here.

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