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The King's Back

Jul 13 2010 | BPM: 106 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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22 Feedback

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Great uptempo type track with various synths and strings with bouncy drums and heavy 808’s.

Genres: Club, Pop

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22 Feedback to “The King's Back”

  1. Song we did with this awesome beat.

  2. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this beat im gonna use this for a song

  3. K could someone contact me to help me get a chorus for a song my friend and i are doing of this

    this right now is the chorus

    We the kings of this floor (can you rock it baby)
    i can rock it or you want more ( can you fell it baby)
    we the kings of this floor ( can you feel it baby)
    i can feel it or you want more ( can you rock it baby)

  4. Yo Nine You Need To Post The Past With Hook Thats With Out A Doubt Your Best Work

  5. wow nice work diamond style :)

    @deca dj,


  6. absolutely 4.5/5… half down ‘cuz of da skipz!!!…. in total…. itz awesum!!… must have! :)

  7. It’s a 3/5 for this beat b/c of the skipping but over all I get this chance to download the beat for free.

  8. kepp going nine god bless you

  9. when you go to shadowville its a given that you will hear real beats

  10. 2pac feat r kelly

  11. thanks slant! its fixed now

  12. @ninediamond, Okay check if it’s fixed now in your account.

  13. @ninediamond, Try to be online on AIM later tonight after 10 PM EST, and I will look into the issue for you.

  14. this is your first beat that actually really like, keep it up man, this is good, 5/5

  15. What up Nine… Aye, I fux with this Track… But its that ’skipping’ that occurs periodically, or close to where the Hooks would be that sort’a throws me off. Jus my persopi… Still a dope-ass track though. I’ll give it a 8/10 easy. Peace..

    Maceo Tha GrammaGod

  16. Nice Beat Wish You Post some Hook Beats On Here But This Is One Of Your Better Non Hook Beats

  17. DANCE

  18. crazyy good work.

  19. F’N NASTAY!!

    All I can say about this!


  20. Badd ASS! Nine Diamond does it again! 5/5

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