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Shots In The Dark

Jul 31 2010 | BPM: 70 | Producer: Smoke
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17 Feedback

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Slow, laid back gangsta synth beat with a dark, eerie atmospheric vibe.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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17 Feedback to “Shots In The Dark”

  1. SUM SICK SHYT!!! =D

  2. he the best on shadowville (i think) and he drops the least amount of beats. love the melodies on this, little slow for me but still nice work. make another haha, stop dropping a beat every six months smoke lol.

  3. this is fucking bad ass!!

  4. vedddy nice mr smoke man

  5. i’m definately feelin’ this one

  6. Guess ima have 2 throw this on the album…

  7. Fire welcome back 5/5

  8. Badass beat. Love the echo and the overall vibe. For 70 BPM I thought it was gonna sound too slow but it sounds awesome and has serious flow. SINIMA better look out. It looked like he was running away from everyone else but SMOKE got something to say about that. Mad props to you SMOKE.

  9. yea i was gone for a lil bit things got crazy up here, but i’m back for good now. nice to know some of you missed me tho- thanx for the love.

  10. dirty, smoke always brings fire!

  11. grimey ass fuck… 100/10

  12. its official gettn that license real quick..this beat fuckn slaps

  13. He’s Allliiiiivvvvveeeee!!!!

  14. I Couldnt Believe My Eyes When I Saw This Finally You Drop Some New Shit

  15. dammit SmOkE you back- very nice work after a long time - you shall upload more works -i really miss for your works

  16. ohhhhhhhhhhh shit! this is a fucken BANGER right here Smoke! Very nice work!

  17. Nasty

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