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Aug 04 2010 | BPM: 80 | Producer: hala-X
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29 Feedback

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Epic battle-style orchestra beat with chopped up horns, strings, timpanis.

Moods: Angry, Epic, Frantic

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29 Feedback to “Destroyer”

  1. Rozpierdol Destroyera ;p 5/5

  2. @zguza,


    here is a song with this beat :D

  4. This shyt right here reminds me a bit of a Vinnie Paz instrumental perhaps Army Of The Pharaohs. Shyt is raw X, im a big fan of your production. Stay up


  5. anyone knows the sample of this beat? and holy shit its great!! greets from germany


    this beat is.. well, inspirational to say the least (which is imo the opposite of ”least”).

    outstanding job : )!

  7. first dope drop i’ve heard on shadowville in months…THANKS YOU HALA-X for remembering us underground folks

  8. really hot shit-did’nt see like it before

  9. Ill ass beat homie I love this shit

  10. Mir gefallen deine Beats nicht Hala-X. Aber andere stehen drauf, wie die was da unten schon geschrieben haben. Trotzdem bekommst du von mir ein YEAH !!! Grüße aus Germany…

  11. WOOOW!!!! something different! This shit is dope, there is no one like it

  12. Dope.

  13. I thought you died hala, hottest beat in some time

  14. !’w'o’w'! really crazyyy beat……… 5/5

  15. LOVE IT SONNNNNN!!!!! Hala x is the best on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. yo this is serious…….

  17. This beat is mean. Im bout 2 walk outside and shove somebody

  18. OH Hala is BACK! There is NO competition! 5/5

  19. I fucks with it

  20. HALA muthafuckin X . Dawg i recorded a (promo) track to ur ” Keep hustlin”shit was so dope. the verse got NAS’S attention. Dude called me a LYRICAL ASSASSIN. THIS track is gona be titled LYRICAL ASSASSIN. Ur shit brings out that raw in a REAL MC. Peep game.

  21. HALA IS BACK……………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. BONKERS!!!! Hala-X is BACK!!!

  23. I haven’t seen a beat as hot as this in a while, 5/5 this is straight HEAT

  24. one word…. EPIC

  25. next-level as a mofo. love those switchups.

  26. Wow, your back with a vengence!! This beat is amazing!

    perfect, 10/10


    Haha, is that a sample from Conan The Destroyer??


    @Strife Divine, HOnestly…I think this dude is the best producer on this site!

    @herby100, He’s great don’t get me wrong.. But I dunno about the best on the site.. Slantize is my personal fav.. But everybody has thier own opinion on what producer they like the most..

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