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Cry For Me (With Hook)

Aug 12 2010 | BPM: 124 | Producer: 2Deep
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49 Feedback

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Sad tuned pianos with double tempo drums. Hook by Marka.

Moods: Sad, Soulful

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49 Feedback to “Cry For Me (With Hook)”

  1. dope beat 2deep..dis shit ryt here is on anada tip man 4 real big up nd keep up da gud work man

  2. Can any send me this beat plz plz i really need dis one

  3. man u gotta let me use this ill give u all credit i got a really gud song made for it… if u decide to let me use it u can send it to ma e-mail thxs

  4. this is sick as hell man! keep it up!

  5. it is nice too…..
    whu cant dl this file??????????

  6. man thats a badass beat let me download it

  7. how i get this beat

  8. yo This beat is amazing I love the hook it took me 2 a place I never imagined! takin a stab at it i figured what the hell I did a verse 2 it and i had the other guy i collab with do the second verse it turned out 2 be an interesting song check it out yo keep it up u by far got the best beats produced here on ShadowVille!

  9. shitz nutz fam ATL LOVE 2 U !!!!!!

  10. love the beat 2deep,gonna write some shit to this n see what a gwan,had a lot of people die recentley so this beat will help get some supressed shit of my chest.thanks man.

  11. plz can you plz plz say all the effects you use on the hook. And Settings Plz plz plz you are so good plz one day i will see you famous

  12. yeap, I found it, but need lyrics for this hook ; )

  13. You can download the beat without hook off Anno Domini’s webpage, for those who asked for it :)

  14. sum gangsta shit here will ahve song to it soon!

  15. sweet beat. thanks for sharin

  16. I love this one, listening over and over again.. you made nice job !

  17. very nice beat. 10/5 ;)

    can i get the lyrics of the hook? i cant understand what heis singin…
    please gimme the lyrics… thanks!

  18. Nice beat. 5/5

  19. can i get lyrics of hook?

  20. NiCE

  21. this shit is dope…


  23. can i get lyrics of hook? (i dont speak english)

    Send me dat beat i’ll give u lyrics of this beat @nydius,

    @nydius, I’m looking that too.. it’s awsome !

  24. I like it without the hook better throws off the vibe i get from the instrumental.

  25. OMG !!! niiiiiiiiice

    can you upload whithout hook, or send it on my email :

    thx bro

    @saviero, just go to the anno domini soundclick if you want it without the hook lol..

    @jigsaw7, thank you !!!!

  26. Good beat. Successes…

  27. EPIC like Crazy. 2 Deep always kept it real.. Dope Shit :)

  28. wowow. I got a thick vibe on this.
    I’d buy everything on this song. but I dont have $1000

    I gotta pay my lawyer instead

  29. NO WAY!!! 5/5

  30. i never feel the pussy hooks on shadowville, but this hook aint pussy its not he poppy singing, yeah i dont like that but its blocked out by the lyrics of it that makes me vibe to it and the beat i was spitting to it, so sick in general, 2Deep this is straight up, so dope

  31. word plz

  32. Marka Killed The Hook Fuck What Anyone Says This Shit Is EPIC

  33. not feeling the hook man that typa singing suits more of a poppy typa beat 2deep ur underground man…keep it at that

  34. yall crazy, this the 1st hook on shadow that i dig. and prolly da best beat 2deep got on shadow,(still cant touch hala x tho)

  35. beat is crazy,but i would really like it if there was a version without the hook.

    at the anno domini beat soundclick page is a without hook version ^^

    @vikk, oh ok,thanks man.

  36. guys whow can i get the lyrics of hook??

    @opop, listen to it lol

    @the masta j, i understood that man!! Bro do u rap?

    @the masta j, o.k. thanks u really helpd to me!!

    @opop, lol i was jus playin wit u

  37. this shit Sounds like some shit nas would slaughter, if marka wasnt on the hook.

  38. yo this shit is deep, i might jump back on the mic and off the keybord for a while for this
    salute ma g!

  39. niiiice

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