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Take Me Home

Aug 19 2010 | BPM: 89 | Producer: Adamack
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25 Feedback

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Catchy pop-feeling beat with acoustic guitars, bongos, and a grooving bass.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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25 Feedback to “Take Me Home”

  1. I love this beat…what I did with this beat…lemme know what you think..thanks :-)

  2. My song for this beat.

  3. Adamack how can i buy this beat from you im a talented artist with alot to share with the world & i got a following that’s really picking up i would love to have this instramental on my album & was wondering where i could reach you @ cause you can get @ me @… & i look forward to hearing from you appreciate the music you make it’s really inspirational & i wish you luck in your endevours with the music industry cause they need to hear your production…CALIWAY$100%S.O.L.I.D ENT…

  4. What is the good way to buy this song?
    If I buy this 39,99 dollars? Can I put this in my album?

  5. Used this beat for my first song.

  6. yo ma dude real talk that beat “take me home “is crazy im a rnb singer i got so fire to this ..

  7. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

  8. i have got the best song to this at the moment get at me if you wana listen!!


    my version!.. my first hip hop song


    Check it out, I killed it ;)

  11. ??

  12. How much for the beat? :D

  13. I love it. I worked with this one for about three hours. Here’s what I came up with on this track. And nice job Adamack.. I’m listen to all your tracks now.. Lets make money!

  14. This production is very unique. All the sounds compliment eachother. Sounds very well put together, Fantastic creation over all. Hit me if you even need a emcee to shine on your production.

  15. yo, take a look at this 1. just recorded it!

  16. mean beat bro…
    can u please email me

  17. Man Bubba Sparxxx should whoop ya ass for thiz one . . . u dick rydaz know thiz iz a cheap copy . . . Shadowville, smmfh!!!

  18. Smooth and sweet. Love it.

  19. nice !!! i l0v3 You @ l0t Adamack >!!! 5/5

  20. i duno why at times it reminded me of a bubba sparxxx song Lol…….DOPE instrumental man, wasnt expecting this when i read “silly” as one of the moods, hottt shiittttt

    @Shadow, yeah sounds like Deliverance I was thinkin the same thing

  21. fucking sick man

  22. Damn, good but hard melody!

  23. Nice I’m feeling this beat man keep it up bro.

  24. Good shit Adamack! I like how this beat is put together..

    Too pop sounding for my taste but I can definatly hear somebody doing a good track to this..

    Somebody like Pryo/Levi Maddox ??

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