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Before You Go

Aug 26 2010 | BPM: 72 | Producer: Adamack
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16 Feedback

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Uplifting pop track with piano, spiccato tape strings, synths, and a catchy hook melody.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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16 Feedback to “Before You Go”

  1. Not too bad

  2. I purchased this beat and its the worng audio WTF

  3. By the way love it bro
    it has a good flow & tempo. Honestly all the sound’s fit together & nothing seems to be out
    of place. I’ve been using this site for year’s & even though it’s hard to find really good
    beat’s. But this is one that’s good I’ve tried using the site called Allarounda beat’s.
    com but not much variety of sound’s. Plus it’s cheaper to buy beat’s off here than it is off
    the other site but anyways good job on this one.

  4. Wrong Audioļ¼ŒLength of 4m10s are ture

  5. yo man check out what I put together with your beat let me know what you think

  6. http://Www.GhomayshiNews.Vcp.Ir ——– > good

  7. yo adamack sick beat bro hola back

  8. Love this beat… bout to go in with my boy and come up with some other shit :). Keep the great beats coming adamack!

  9. Yo Adamack you should hear the track me n my boy did on this beat….somethin crazy and we gettin quite the buzz on it the tracks renamed Before I Go hit me up @4BlockDeez

  10. fort

  11. i got a banger for this beat right here

  12. salam aghaye adamack man iraniam … az tehran… kare vajeb bahatun daram… ma 2,3ta beat az in beataye saito khundim ,,, mitarsim baddan baraye consertesh moshkel pish biad… age licensesho bekhaim bekharim bas chikar konim ? emkanesh has tu iran ?

  13. adamack better than sinima but neither can touch Hala x

  14. adamack is the fucking man sinima use to be my fav producer on here till he tagged everything beyond useable now adamack is

  15. Grease, but Adamack never make hard beats. I like his style the most but it always soft.

  16. Dude I got a great hook for this beat. I’m feeling this beat 100%. Good job on it!!:)

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