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Feel My Pain

Sep 01 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep
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38 Feedback

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Light pianos, electric piano, violins, and soulful female sample over a steady drum beat.

Moods: Dark, Sad, Soulful

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38 Feedback to “Feel My Pain”

  1. its awsome

  2. Great but its hard not to laugh when you think of it as chipmunks getting F***ed

    @anarp, You special


  4. awesome beat! :)

  5. very nice beat.

  6. A mix-tape track i did to this chek it….S/O 2Deep The Beatz a Banger

  7. Sansar Salvo - 21 ADIM TRACK BEATÄ°

  8. dis shyt slaps!!!ima make sho dont kno1 put da beat to use da way I am !!!!!

  9. This beat is sick… waitin for my track separations. Thanks.

  10. hey this beat is sick who ever can send it to me send it to

  11. ey 2deep props man diz is a badazz beat i been looking 4 someting like diz n now i founded thanxz il b sure to thank u

  12. wypas w chuj .
    graty za to .

  13. Hey guys, i made a song to this instrumental, NON-PROFITABLE so do not download any way, and sell, no copyright intended, here is the link for the Youtube video : Check out my Facebook band profile for more songs :

  14. Zajebista…! <.33

  15. rockin man tooooooo deep

  16. Yow wassup ?

    wazzup men

    u got some rap beats for me ???

  17. yo guyz…m new in hre…cnt u instruct me hw 2 download beatz…

  18. one of my favorites man! nice job… keep em comming, flows gona b the next em thanks 2u sumday u watch.

  19. Tyt Beat!!!

    check that out made a tune to this beat feedback appreciated.

  21. this is how 2deep roll just too fuggin deep

  22. its not sold….

  23. damn… sold… anyone uploaded it?

    @pepsoq, should be up there


  24. man dont do beats like this shit not cuz this is shit but cuz its touch my heart
    can you feel my pain man you got me do a know song for this
    thanks for all…..mad rhymes…..

  25. ideal. cant be described anymore. compliments to the beatmaker :D

  26. I feel for this, I’m gonna make it my first wife. :P

  27. damn gotta download this before it get bought

  28. this is so greezy, reminds me so much of quiet storm, thats 2 DEEEEEP haha sick join bro ima jump on this for sure i think dezi would be dope for this joint

  29. we need ALOT ALOT ALOT more joints like this…………. the stop scheming,feel my pain type shit is in my opinion your best sounding beats….the 90’s hip hop style is doing justice….please post more shit like this asap

  30. love this beat bro has me thinkn bout all kinds of shit 20 out of 10 your best beat i heard in my mind ..

  31. yeh..this beat is so lovely..inspiring and dark at the same time..there is a message of truth waiting to be told on these sounds u have put together..u got an ill mind

  32. me likey, got a mobbish fell 2 it, whenever u can make suttin that can pass as 90’s hip hop. U have done us all a favor.

  33. damm …this beat is same as beat on this song >> << not 100% same but has some same things.. it is Bosnian Rap.
    PS: Sorry my English is bad x)

  34. 2deep this creation of yours is way too deep damn i can pour my heart out on this one… i love the sample, real shit. this beat makes you reflect & look within. shadowville for life man. check me out

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