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This Is Life

Sep 04 2010 | BPM: 85 | Producer: Adamack
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28 Feedback

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Raw hip hop beat with a great vibe using electric pianos, strings, and a melodic bassline.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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28 Feedback to “This Is Life”

  1. I love smart remarks they start sparks.Both my Fists hit twice as hard permanent dents skulls get scarrd if any Lips piss off lovely ladies with my women i got on board. Swords go towards wardens doors. Her Thors on gaurd. Entuoar. Chicks complete me when they flex the Index please point me to cut out a selection of obsession sexual dissection i bet you will have her as the Bengals best friend. Sensei brings me to WIN one over We Pretend. I can preach to tend to a sign.he mentioned everytime i climb slowly. Holy limbs i aint the only one in the wind. Blan with Blend man i Lend a hand and send one back to each section. Skip the Sketch fetch move lets use the Lessons of weapons. Loose possession. Secretes bleep beepers keep detecting. Discrete sleepers eagerly perfecting Im the creep that keeps true to the birds ands bees. Bee keeper keeps freaks Keepers of these freaks slippers. Lips to cheeks i get to eat strands of ends and beaks whistle down wind. My honey found Gin hows hunny sound round ten. Gold all around town then

  2. I LOVE IT ! ♥

  3. yo man theres a problem… whenever i play this beat, some atomic beats thing comes on instead :/

    @eminemfan152, fixed

  4. genius beat in its rawness, tried to sway the lyrics to lead up to that anthem-style chorus. PICTURE THIS-

  5. Female emcee.. This was one of the first beats I spat on, hook is dirty, check it ;)

  6. geeeeeeeeeeeah

  7. check it out. “I’m in a Slump”

  8. damn haha this shit goes hard as fuckkk

  9. ill beat! hella older eminem style stuff bro. like strife said it does have the music box style with the bells. dope beat no doubt about it adamacks a genious!

  10. this is perfect

  11. like it too much

  12. put this in reverse and get on the bass booster, this shit its tight as hell, btw i haerd ur stuff on open minds, ur pretty good

  13. GREASE!!!!

  14. mer30 of adamack

  15. it’s 13 hit me up on ma email so i can eat this if not be like them -13

  16. listen il buy a lease if u take the west coats shit out of it, i like the beat when it comes straight in, check ma music out @ the name is 13 beats tight but don’t switch up son, i could make this a hit. ?Underground fam -13

  17. Damn! This shit is straight FIRE! I love how it has sort of a musib box type of vibe.. Those drums are straight fucken GRIMMEY!! Great work Adamack! This is a fucken banger right her! 10/10

  18. check out what im doin.

  19. this is on point like muthafucka.

  20. and wat software did u use to make this beat

  21. can i use ure beat to mkake a song ??

  22. u got an ill mind for sure…shadowville as a whole is an unstoppable team yo…this is pretty unique how u combined the sounds

  23. сильно …
    пробивает на чувства)

  24. good work

  25. Very different from your usual beats but love it.

  26. this beat is super sick its got that sad underground style keep these sick sad beats coming

  27. I like it!!

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