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Sep 12 2010 | BPM: 86 | Producer: hala-X
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31 Feedback

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Ambient, sexy saxophone with soft pianos over a underground drum pattern.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed, Sad

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31 Feedback to “Flatline”

  1. I am sorry, that I interfere, but you could not give little bit more information.

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  3. Oryginalny bit, saksofon rozwala :D

  4. Nie wiem czy wiesz, Ale The Unbeatables ukradł ci beat

  5. it’s one of ur best beats ever man the drums is heavy like the old days


  7. Great beat , thanks, thanks a lot…
    This is what I made -
    It’s in Latvian.

  8. Damn… This is sad… Very good work homie…

  9. Spat over this, check it out if you wish:

  10. oye men te han robado la base, speak spanish?

  11. that sax is crazy, 5/5 all day everyday it never fails

  12. Yess.. if there are any beats on SP that really need tags, it’s your beats (not saying you should add tags.. i’m just saying your beats are far better than other beats that are laden with tags - not to mention any names *cough*)


  13. Damn hala-X! That’s what I’m talking about. I’m usually not too big on your sampling and style but this track got some soul rapped up in it. The sax sets it off. The drums are sluamming. 10 outa 10. Props to you.

  14. what a beauty to put out on birthday :)

  15. Def lovin’ it. One criticism tho, didn’t need the gun shots in the beginning.

    @2-Sly, co-sign

  16. Sick stuff but hala gets sicker!!!!! :) ive seen better beat but love this 1 too… sweeetly mellow!! DOPE!

  17. thnx alot hala ive been suffering 4rm insomnia lately
    ama listen 2 dis l8r on 2nite guarantee 2 catch sum zzzzzs, thnk u should change da name 2 ambien or diphenhydramine

  18. i dunno wtf kew c.r.e is onabout but this is ill if only mobb deep had this beat when they made infamous there woulda been a serious hit going on back then!..Hala-X ur 2 good man just keep doing what u do!..

    i love how this kew c.r.e trys talkign shit to everyone claiming like hes the best rapper alvie! why dont you drop a link if your that badass puss!
    illacist dont even pay no mind to him you do your thing bro. bitches like kew are just haters and got no real shit to say

    @illacist1, r u serious?? the infamous?? If anything this might fit on hell on earth, Noway Mobb would put this on their LP, and if so, even Hala would tell u it wouldnt b a hit. I would love 2 hear wat ur raps sound like illacist.

    @kew c.r.e., buddy shut the fuck up and stop hatin on everyone douchebag. Honestly you think your this tough shit badass rapper, but noone has heard any of your fuckin shit, so either get the dick out your ass or grow some balls puss and drop a link.

    @kew c.r.e.,

    @illacist1, yo my name is john meric and were looking for an english artist i am one of the music scouts from cash money and would love to sign you, you wil be the next up coming big artist! please reply. money records.

    @illacist1, those raps are sick kew c.r.e what r u talking bout

    @illacist1, all my credibility or crecibility? and where are you from retard?…yeah i live in london and i aint english and so what if i rap and im from the UK theres a lot of sick emcee’s out here probably you heard of none coz your too tied up with all the american bullshit coming out nowadays which is 98% crap…send me a link of your music and i’ll actually be honest enough with my feedback!..

    @illacist1, OMFG, all 3 of those tracks were ultra horrible. Wtf r u british?? And wtf r u talkin bout. My fuckin ears r bleedin. I would pay u 2 stop rappin. Where the hell r u from??? I should have never responded 2 u in the 1st place. Ur wack ass raps just ruined all ur crecibility. U blow

  19. sickkkkkkkk very mellow

  20. zzzzzzz. real boring. I almost lost my life sitting thru that beat. hala you da best on shadowville, hell I got u in my top 5 on earth(ever). but this is just another beat

    Not WACK, just beneath your level.


  21. Fuckin sick.on some James Bond shit.keep it up

  22. Damn… you’re back.

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