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I've Told Myself (With Hook)

Sep 16 2010 | BPM: 82 | Producer: 2Deep
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58 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Acoustic guitar, strings, and flute with underground drums and heavy bassline. Hook by Cryptic Wisdom.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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58 Feedback to “I've Told Myself (With Hook)”

  1. If you have to ask him what to do with the beat you dont want it. Dirty-D

  2. really nice i like sing with this beat can i????????????

  3. i have some stuff check it out

  4. whats good with the download link??????

  5. can anyone tell me what he say !! doese anyone know !

  6. Apologies — the high quailty .wav. link was broken and now fixed.

  7. i wanna hear some classic eminem/dre beats done on this website… even new eminem and dre beats like from recovery and dres detox… like those syyles… obviously ur own creation, just saying like those clasic dope westcoast tracks

  8. Hey people,
    Im very sorry to hear this. Continue to try to get in contact with slantize since i have no access to the shadowville page…
    If your sombody that purchased one of my beats and it didnt come through, please send an email aswell as the paypal reciept to me:
    And ill take care of it personaly.

    I dont understand why all these fuck-ups on this site arnt being fixed!!!!..???

    Thanks for the support!
    Hopefully everything will be set straight here soon!

    @2Deep, yoo fam holla at me at so i can get some beats from you i dont like working over this website it sucks

  9. Not cool S-ville. If you can’t fix the problem, remove the Track!! I want to purchase the Track as well, but it looks like with the number of people waiting in line, it ain’t gonna happen!! You have people being charged without receiving their product OK, so once its fixed, who gets Leases and who gets the Exclusive? And as long is its taking to fix this problem, its going to take even longer to get a refund!! Not good business…


    @thagrammargod, foreal not good for business i rather be in the street looking for beats then worrying about gettin charged 3 times and not even receive the beat..

    @omertamuzik, - Nah…I live in Detroit. I got some connects in the NY area, but ain’t been there in a sec. If you wanna politic about something, hit me up at:

    @omertamuzik, - Yezzur… I’m guessing you do too? Yo, I appreciate the free DL’s right, but when it comes to Mixing & Mastering, its better to have a beat Tracked out…or at LEAST a wav. So when I’m serious about recording over a Track, I’m leasing. Now I’m not hating on cats that purchase exclusive rights, but….lol….you can’t do nothing about the cats who got Leasing rights before you copped it!! What…you gonna get a lawyer to send them a “cease and desist” order?!…lol…tha fuck out’a here!!

    @thagrammargod, would you happin to be in the new york area?

    @omertamuzik, - And they ought to have a better method of contacting them for customer concerns/issues than an email address. They used to have a phone number (that they never answered). This is our hard earned money. We are doing business with this site/company based on trust!!!

    foreal yo … you rap?

  10. dope beat nigga..:D

  11. dont purchase from these people

  12. fuck this website

    @omertamuzik, i try to purchase this license you fools charged me 3 times and i didnt even get the beat or licensed i paid for telling everybody i know never to buy beats here

  13. NB

  14. stand up TUCSON!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. yo that is cryptic wisdom on the hook fo sho…dope shit!

  16. Come on now S-ville…. First issues with the download….now you play the Track, which has the Hook…then you download it and you get the instrumental WITHOUT the “Hook”.

    I’m leary about Leasing, let alone purchasing this Track. Just saying….

  17. sweet now i can download this amazing beat 12/10

  18. the download only downloads 37 seconds of the beat not the whole thing…

  19. The download link has been fixed.

  20. “well i told myself to not give in to you
    and i told myself i cant afford to lose
    lord hear me, (your again?)
    lookin wishin for some truth”

    im not sure about the “your again” part but i think the rest is accurate

    @Shadow, it does sound like your again, i can see how you hear that, but my guess is its a-gain, kinda like the hold outs are on you and lose, but i could be wrong as well. either way, KICK ASS BEAT

  21. looks like i aint the only 1 who can’t get it….

  22. Thats a really great beat, but i cant it download, too.. =(

  23. kick ass beat BUT cant download it…plz fix it asap!


  24. Man.. It’s a F***n’ gr8 :D 11/10 really…

    But.. problem with download ;/

  25. persian santoor

  26. can you please do a song using persian Instrument such as santoor if you want to know whats santoor you can find out in youtube

  27. Dope track, bro got your usual underground feel, wit a different type a tempo. hit us wit a joint like this every once an a while, 80-85 bpms,good shii Stay Up Homie..!!


  28. the DL dont work
    anyways whats the hook say?

    @kpkopo, i believe its done by Cryptic Wisdom (same voice)

    “well i told myself to not give in to you
    and i told myself i cant afford to lose
    lord hear me, (your again?)
    lookin wishin for some truth”

    im not sure about the “your again” part but i think the rest is accurate

  29. Download still unavaible, will it get fixed soon?
    btw, nice beat, Love it

  30. goood beats free dowloand problem :(:(:(

  31. what does the hook say?

    i’ve told myself not to give in to you
    and i’ve told myself i can’t afford to lose
    ____________? lookin, wishin for some truth?

    i think these are the lyrics:

    i’ve told myself not to give in to you
    and i’ve told myself i can’t afford to lose
    but here we are again, lookin, wishin for some truth

    @tomsissons, thanks! xD

  32. good beat

  33. goood beats oww dowloand problem :S

  34. Yo nice beat

  35. I would buy this license but the download thing has me questioning it. love the beat though man, keep em coming. Soon as anyone finds out why the download thingy aint working Im buyin the license so hit up the free download first.

    @thaxtruth211, LOL nvm i managed to download it, but the file doesnt work LOL

    @thaxtruth211, i just downloaded it…it works…

  36. so i found out that 2 deep is one of the members in the unbeatables… no wonder why the drums sound the same… theyre ill though… i wont lie…. ur drums always make beats killer


  38. awesome

    the download file doesn’t work though.. it’s only 377 bytes, whereas it should be around 5 megabytes

  39. Neva Mind i See you Put Hook By Cryptic Wisdom, Diddnt Notice, My Bad.

  40. is that Cryptic Wisdom in The Hook ? sounds Alot Like Him…. nice by the Way.

  41. i was about to download and kill this joint but when i download it it dont work

  42. Sickness. I already did a track to this yesterday, but yeah, sick.

  43. DOPE

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