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Liquid Ecstasy

Sep 21 2010 | BPM: 91 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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17 Feedback

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Catchy, mysterious club synths with heavy kicks and claps.

Moods: Dark, Happy, Silly
Genres: Club, Gangsta, Pop

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17 Feedback to “Liquid Ecstasy”

  1. Damn I wrote a txt to it and I just now seen it has been taken :( Never mind thanks for the idea I’l make a similar to this one.Still won’t sound the same.
    Props to you dude

  2. Asshole who had buyed the license

  3. najs mayn

  4. good song i like it

  5. Tyt beat..

  6. It may sounds boring at first but im sure with the right artist that could be a hit! this is the kind of beat that you cant enjoys without the vocals on it


  8. this is a pretty dope beat heard it not too long ago on your soundclick though. it is kidna plain but would sound dope with the proper artist on it

  9. the beat is too boring it has a great sound but it’s too boring, u gotta make it sound more full on the chorus man because it sounds like a long loop

  10. Nice, simple beat. Sticking to essentials. 5/5

  11. i think its awesome

  12. its good to get a fresh taste from the unbeatables

  13. meh compared to your newest release on soundclick this one is kinda boring :P but ill still give it 9/10 for the work itself

  14. Me likey. Dont think its good 4 a mixtape but will pop in the club and on the radio


    -Kew C.R.E.

    @kew c.r.e., yeahhh..yo unbeatables pretty properlike fosho…

  15. всё ппц

  16. dope 10/10

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