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Just Like A Star

Oct 03 2010 | BPM: 126 | Producer: 2Deep
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66 Feedback

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Soft Spanish guitars, heavy electric guitars, and light bells with an ambient feeling and double tempo drums.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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66 Feedback to “Just Like A Star”

  1. Damn this is dope. Does anyone know where the sample is from? I’m gonna be up all night trying to remember where I heard this lol. 5/5 for sure.

  2. this shit fye af.

  3. LATIN GHETTO @ mix tape 4 free

  4. I think THis beat would be good 4 LATIN GHETTO> A NEW hip hop team wit real sht

  5. I commented on this months ago, but just thought I’d drop another and say that this beat is just incredible… I don’t need to hear lyrics on it, it’s just that beautiful. 12/10

  6. Simply Beautiful

  7. Nice beat



  9. buena base

  10. yo i made a tune to this beat chek it out see wat u think safe

    @persiankilla, y u delete?

  11. Beat was awesome, me and my homies tore it up…

    Wanna hear it, click the link below for free Streaming or Free Download

    *** Note song is for promotional use only and in no way shape or for shall it be distributed for any profit. By clicking the download link your are agreeing to the terms of use for and ***

    Thank You 2Deep.. This Is my Song..
    Im a French Rapper.. Tell me whut you think about Dat..


  13. WonderfuLL :D

  14. OMG This is drug and i’m about to become an addict!

  15. damn dat is nice 2 deep

  16. nice beats dude , keep working ……

  17. legit

  18. Yeah..Real thang! i’ll write new song

  19. RhymeHype -Lost Myth

  20. 2deep , I’d love to use that track on my demo, dope beatz

  21. bukur fare

  22. good

  23. best beats

  24. просто класс

  25. 2 deep you need to do somethin with halax bro that would be sick

  26. tung….njerzzzzzzzz

  27. Nice work Deep. I really like the bells. They remind me of Stairway to Heaven. kilone has a great idea for the track. Sounds like it could be a career launcher. Keep up the good work deep.

  28. hey jus wanna say this is the bomb rite here!!!! an a great idea for a song dat will have the world wishing on a star, to be a star!!! u kno. hit me up if ur interested in new talent! one!

    ( )

  29. woow nice work mate :) keep doin ya thang!

  30. goodddd=)

  31. One of the sexiest beats i’ve ever heard…kinda scary though….

    Damn tough to rap over…

  32. good

  33. good


  35. This beat is beast man. No lie good shit my homie.

  36. good nice

  37. One of my personal favorites.

  38. nice

  39. thats some crazy shit!

  40. muy bueno en velda… XD

  41. keep it up that shits hot

  42. id like to use it for the first song on my demo

  43. This is like a movie!

  44. I made a sick fuckin song to this, i thank you 2Deep, you make the sickest beats on this site, respect

    -Dell Coop

  45. 5/5 homie. ur work never ceases to amaze me. do ya thing….

  46. Hello .. I’am from Vietnamese … yahoo happy to be acquainted with you

  47. baby this is cool

  48. i like this is good page

  49. juz recorded a track to “Ive told myself” ‘Comin Up in the World’

  50. Listen on my free beat

  51. view my song … i wrote this song for my country … history “Thang Long Ha Noi” … We’are proud of Viet Nam ! check this video !S.a.D band … VietNamese !

  52. damn this is on some inspirational shit

  53. This beat is one of the best @shadowville! I totally love this!

  54. THIS SHIT IS SERIOUS DEEP, ima write sumthing to this

  55. (y) 5/5 Deep. :-)

  56. that i searching. Very nice job man, n1

  57. it works…Dope beat!!


  58. why is it written database error??? its still not bought yet!!!

  59. whats good?

    nothin much, whats good wit u?lol

  60. Its str8. Not 5 mics tho but no complaints. I woud spit 2 it

    Kew C.R.E.

  61. gud shit deep shit im in love with it hahaa

  62. wayyy fuckin ill


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