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Body Language (With Hook)

Oct 14 2010 | BPM: 60 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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26 Feedback

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Great heavy 808’s with ambient pianos and soft synths. Hook by Logan Chapman.

Genres: Pop, R&B

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26 Feedback to “Body Language (With Hook)”

  1. nothing special

  2. With hook Lyrics ?

  3. boi dis song goes hard lol

  4. dis shit hot n dis just wut i need……a song 4 the ladies


  6. this is good!

  7. this ishot

  8. dont know why this isnt sold this is hot! i wanted to make something with it i still might yo if i had the money id buy it FIRE!

  9. lyrics please

  10. Dame uhm were can i download the beat by itself this shit is hot

  11. oops my bad i didnt notice it says on the description. im’a work on sumthin for this beat, it will all be non-commercial. but your name will get mentioned, this is a work of art

  12. yo i wanna use this on a track !! nine diamond who’s on the hook? ill give them their props and ill make sure u get a mention on it too!! let us know, Mr P

  13. this shit is banging dude!!!

  14. Love the whole thing! hook and all.. i got dome sick shit for this too!

  15. yo nine diamond i got sick lyrics fo this song man but i was wondering if u could send me the beat with more time like at least one more verse that way i could do 3 verses n not just 2 if you do that ill send you the song when i get done with it ive been rapping since i was 13 man so im no amature but ill deff say produced by nine diamond in the begging n everythin let me no man

  16. Lyrics please…

  17. This one of the few beats I actually vibe with the hook. I already wrote on this front to back. Its nasty, this was made for me.

  18. im really diggin it great job diamond but is there any way i can get it without the hook??
    i will definitely buy it without the hook i like makin ma own hooks
    let me know asap

    @reassured, contact slantize, we can arrange a custom lease of just the beat

  19. I like your beat’s, But where Can I get drum kits like these I’ve bought dre drums and all sorts of stuff but they suck. Does anyone know Where I can buy the BEST Drum kit’s available, any advice e-mail

  20. some kinda tre songz type shit i like it! NINE DIAMOND BABY! lmao

  21. good

  22. Nin Diamond Is A Beast, Oh Yea Ima Email You Today About The Beats Im Buying:) Take Care Bro

  23. i’m a big NineDiamond fan- I feel this is something i can use

  24. im likin dat one mane mos definately a pantydroppa

  25. Nothin outta the ordinary 4 a r&b/rap. Kinda plain

    -Kew C.R.E.

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