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Dreamin Of You

Oct 19 2010 | BPM: 80 | Producer: 2Deep
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20 Feedback

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Soft, laid back electric piano and smooth drums with a bit of a romantic atmosphere and a sampled hook.

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20 Feedback to “Dreamin Of You”

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  4. Hey guys check me out I wrote this for my girl.

  5. How much for the beat? :)

  6. This is some smashin music haha

    MOBI’s “Dreamin of You”

  8. What sample was used for the hook?

  9. nice beat i like it i have flow for this beat ;)

  10. Nice man.


    this is mi version of it!

  12. woow This is off THa Fukin Hook Mi NigGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Good one

  14. ill beat! what did u sample on the hook

  15. why can’t every producer be as cool as you man?

  16. This beat was perfect for some shit I was tryin to do, hook and all. Big ups man for sure.

  17. Love it! but anyway you can put a version without the chorus.

  18. I can dig this, good shit right here

  19. The hook kinda forces the topic but its all good. Tha beat serious. reminds me of S.D.

    As much as I dont wanna give it a 5. I Just cant give it a 4.

    Switch up ur drumlines tho. I give it a 5.

    -Kew C.R.E.

  20. hey this is two thumbs up for a reminiscing beat for sure mane good stuff….

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