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Moanin (With Hook)

Oct 28 2010 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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26 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

808 drums stacked with synth stabs and heavy guitars. Hook by Avery.

Genres: Club, Dirty South, Pop

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26 Feedback to “Moanin (With Hook)”

  1. This beat is so dope. Since it’s unavailable, I wish whoever bought this does something good with it and get this on the radio

  2. hi can someone send me this beat i’m not going to promote this track in any shape or form my email address is thank you who ever will send it

  3. thiz beat go hard i wish i can get the beat on my computer

  4. who can give me the lyrics of this beat

  5. this beat is hott. i wanna have babies wif this beat….

  6. can you please like send me this song…i would like to make some rythmes to it. thank you.

  7. i could here this on the radio one day…. very nice

  8. can u tell me please the exactly lyrics of the hook
    i’m not a really good english speaker and i want
    to understand more because i love this beat

  9. Nine You Allready Know What I Said About This Sick Beat Bro And Love The Hook, I Got The Song Comin Soon So Be Ready

  10. Love the beat, Love the hook! Has a great vibe in my opinion! 5/5 Nice job Mr. Diamond!! -JAIRO-

  11. good as beat and especially the hook

  12. Wow I normally don’t say nothin bad but that was frickin g**…. it sounded pitchy to me didnt have enough energy, it was boring. it has a qaulity sound but that hook is garbage. enough auto-tune they all sound the same!!!!!! I would rather hear a crappy natural singer then a pitchy all too common auto-tune singer.

    @lilnate93, avery is a beast man yous a hater!

  13. good beat , i like it !!!!!!!!!*

  14. i love the beat! its really nice and expecially the hook!

    Whats the name of the guy who sings it?

    @boydii44, Avery

    @Nine Diamond,
    can soneone plz..plz send me the beat

    @young prizzi, at

  15. I love it
    Hyper hook

  16. Beat is grease, could lose the hook tho.

    U love throwin hooks on ur beats.

    I would rap bout gettin money.

    -Kew C.R.E.(would love this beat witout hook)

  17. I honestly feel that this is some of your weakest work. I’m sorry, but I do not like it all and feel you could have came better.

    @john gee, co~sign and the hook sucks balls sorry to have to say that

  18. damn this beat is so dope …it make ma mind crazy …i got to spit …

  19. Man this BEAT is so DOPE, crazy good job here man.

  20. Damn Nine! This shit is sounden real crispy! Lol, shit is sick my dude.. Has a real mainstream sound to it but in a good way.. This is that kinda shit that you want to hear on the radio.. Good work man!

    @Strife Divine, thanks bro!

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