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The Club To The Bedroom

Oct 28 2010 | BPM: 104.5 | Producer: ADP, Slantize
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21 Feedback

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Hypnotic synth melodies with dark verses and uplifting hooks over uptempo dance drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly
Genres: Club, Gangsta, Pop

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21 Feedback to “The Club To The Bedroom”

  1. Love the song, not too crazy about the name, how bout phantom cronic

  2. Hot beat! reminds me of Lady Gaga Love Game a little

  3. Thank you

  4. This is really good!!

    @mercedes, yee really good veryy good

  5. This beat is so cool! I used that beat so many times for songs. It is some beat! Well done ADP and slantize.

  6. God-fucking-DAMNIT! I love it when ADP & Slantize collab.. 10/10! This shit is so amazing!

  7. always love collaberations with producers…slantize n adp seem like a perfect duo. Im wondering who did what lol

    @Shadow, take a guess

    @Slantize, damn Lol yeah see i wouldnt of guessed that, i woulda just said you did main melody n adp was on the drums buuuut clearly theres more to it Lol. This is to sick, hope to hear moooore

    @Slantize, I’m gonna go out on a limb here.. ADP did the most of the work for the verses and You did the hook? Or maybe vice versa.. But the hook sounds like something you’d do slant.. I could be wrong though.. All I know is this shit is amazing!

    @Strife Divine, ADP did a beat with a completely diff drum pattern and melody, and then sent it to me to revise, and it ended up being switched around completely on the verse melody which ended up with that main verse lead melody by me. I also did the drums, and ADP did the hats (which weren’t changed from the original drum pattern by him). The hook’s underlying chords were laid by me, ADP did the main melody on it, and he also did verse 3 and outro melodies.

  8. This is why you guys should collab with beats more often!!! :)

  9. GJ, 5/5 !!!

  10. bananas

  11. awesome instrumental

  12. adp and slantize if you do other works together it will be great

  13. deep excellent beat,great

  14. Damn, that’s a hell of a banger right here !! 5/5


  16. OMG! Wooow this beat is super hot, those melodies are very smooth and banging! Excellent to the both of you for this gift.

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