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Jul 28 2006 | BPM: 80 | Producer: hala-X
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48 Feedback

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A very deep love track, with bells, guitars, and a sexy female’s ooo’s.

Genres: Underground

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48 Feedback to “Amazing”

  1. Remember this from a LOOOONG time ago… I was listening to some oldies and I found this Jermaine Jackson sample and instantly came here lol

  2. what is this ?

  3. ok…nicely worked beat..but that a little weird!!

  4. mate u are the Best honestly. I like your beat =)) peace !

  5. famm, get at me a.s.a.p.

  6. ne dionz aq

  7. We love this beat so… We had to do it.

    American Negro - The Red Mixtape: Who Raised You Mothaf*ckaz?!

    Check out American Negro: Listen (hala-X “Amazing”)

  8. yo hala. im a 13 year old kid and im into rapping. im into rappers like charles hamilton,lupe fiasco, and kid cudi. this is an amazing beat. thanks. hopefully ill make some amazing lyrics to go with it. yeah im 13 but dont let that fool you. also anyone that can give me ANY tips on rapping and getting my music out. please send me a message on shadowville or my emali address peace

    @dareas12, hey man. im 13 n im really into rap too. you can hear some of my stuff on youtube under dlay81’s channel. if your interested maybe i coud spit some shit with you

    @dareas12, hey umm… im looking someone to collab with and im 14 and also into rapping so if u have time just let me know my email adress is

  9. Hey Bruh I’m New to the cite But Just let it be Known Your A great Producer!! Love Ya Shit!!!!!

  10. Check me out, whatcha ya think guys?
    im only a beginner, and cant that much english:P live in norway

  11. good ;> Hala-x ;) god

  12. Great Beat !

  13. Hala at cha BOI!! Yo, dis beat is SOoo clean.. the vocals are clean as fuck. I hope that its not your vocals hahah nah but furreal this beat slaps, u remind me of the Jackas producer, he always has some vocal samples like dis shit. Good shit th0 dude, this shit is what makes u stand out on

  14. I like almost every beat but for example this one: a fading-out would’ve been great. There are a lot of beat that are brilliant but have a shitty end, I just don’t understand why shadowville like never does a fading-out…

  15. I put your beats to a video… hope you like it. This track is hella kick ass, I couldn’t come lovey dovey wit it! ( How ya like me now is more like it1)

    Love your style….keep doing what you do!

  16. what up hala mad props and love for the work you put in i know personally as an artist what music the beats and the liyrics can hold alot of value to the listener as well as to those behind the art. i have down loaded alot of your beats and other producers from Shadowville. im working on a mixtape and would appreciate if we can talk business. keep up the excellent work!!

  17. This actually sounds the same as ‘Void In My Life’ by Chamillionaire, the instrumental arrangement pretty much the same…

  18. it is a good beat

  19. nice beat. i’ve flipped that sample before. plus it was on Chamillionaire’s album.

    hahaha at female ooos. i think those are actually a man’s but it’s the pitched up vocal that makes it sound like a female lol.

  20. what up, man u killin em wit dem beatz man forreal, i need sum, me and my homeboyz tryna do dis rap thang, hit me up on email do dat 4 me homie


  22. i thort this was used in chamillionaire - void in my life track!
    lovin it keep it up!

  23. Ayo Man lets do a collab on some beats im gettin Reason here soon so yea hit me up at

  24. This beats Dope as fuck im gonna do a song for my Fiance on this track.

  25. yo man dis is like wow man i love it im gonna kill this one right heere i got words just poppin into my head and i like dat why dont u its hot

  26. at the intro it says “why dont you..” and in the verses its “she’s amazi~”

  27. yo yo, what up yall? I was listening to that “Amazing” beat thats on here and im wondering what the vocal samples are saying? get back at me, please.

  28. I think ill just stick to what i do best, i was experimenting some with sampled club beats, but ill leave that to ADP and Slant, they can do that better…

    So like i said, ill just stick to my underground/soulfull little beats ;)

  29. woahhhhh i havent heard this yet, my first time. dam. beautiful feeling. this is the beat u hadta call beautiful… but amazin is fine.
    amazin.. truely.
    yo i got smthn for u. try makin a clubb song thats chopped in ur way. expiremtn see how it turns out. yupp

    u have the highest ratings in my book. gd job man.

  30. hala, u thug. that was insane. wow.

  31. lol crazy

  32. OOOOOOOOOOo…..sendind chillz up my spine man, great mixin

  33. Love the bassline. and everything else.

  34. Hotdogg — Cham’s song is called “Void in My Life”

  35. Well in that case, Hala-X please

    accept a kiss from me MU-WAH!!! lol

    I love the sample in this.

  36. Nice beat…love the sample…nice work,nice smooth and just altogether a good beat..

  37. What if TK dresses up like a female and kisses you? haha.. :P
    What song did Chamillionaire use this sample?

    hala: You’re sick with the beats. Simply lovely!

  38. Please dont even try!

    Im accepting kisses only from females hahaha

  39. lol i would acctually kiss hala for this one .!!

  40. Yeah i know Chamillionaire got a beat with this sample on his album, but i made thise beat ages ago, and it was chillin on my HD untill i decided to mix it properly and relase here.

  41. Chamillonaire used this same sample on a track on his album and the track was sick and dameee yours made a beat usein this sample thats crazy! Love this beat 5/5

    P.S. Keep The Sampled Beats Coming There Sick !

  42. Hala-X, that’s f**kin’ beautiful. You definitely know how to chop it like no other.

  43. i love this beat…its hott!!! i love the females oooo’s


  44. this is beat is amazing its so smooth. great work.

  45. sometimes i wish i knew how to make beats like this! i love this one~

  46. You just made a beat I love! Ahhh..

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