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Money Counter

Nov 13 2010 | BPM: 60 | Producer: Tristan
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17 Feedback

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Crazy club banger with blazing arpeggio synths and deep, heavy drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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17 Feedback to “Money Counter”

  1. nun to say but Tristan u should call your self TRISTAR WICKED BEAT

  2. Shit’s fire, writing to it now

  3. Joshuab you suck dawg haha…….ima do better and i will show you biiaaatch

  4. yo how do i post beats?

    i officially killed it thank u granmaster lol

  6. this shit GOES!

  7. oh yeah chan. name joshuabrockit

  8. keep banging them son haters hate cause they need the baseline to flow check my youtube i battled someone to this beat im uploading it now i spit it for a minute

  9. baha, people want beats without tags, but do u realize that wayne and gucci keep tags in like all their beats?? ant this beat goes hard, so FUCK YOU AND YOUR GRANNY if you dont like it OR tristan,

  10. woooooooow!!… i was like.. this sucks in the begenning.. when the arps started.. i was like.. ahahdasdasdaohohoohohoh :P….
    geeeeeah.. but it would be MORE DOPE if u could avoid tags :P.. plz man

  11. lord help me find the words… dam son another banger

  12. no

  13. This one is fuckin FIYAAAA love it maane good shit glad to see and new producer round here I been listenin to some of your stuff on soundclick and its dooope! Stay koo fam welcome to the VILLE!

  14. waaaah this be some gritty shit, haha dope stuff man, looks like we got ourselves a new producer on svp, hope you keep bringing out tight beats.

  15. dude yo bass go hard as hell keep it up hit me up on myspace if you need someone to rap on your beats. peace

  16. so far dis all ya got…..n i gotta say… these straight sllllllaaaaaappppppeeeerrrrrsssss!!!!!!!!

    @chinchillakillr, Appreciate it, glad you like the stuff!

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