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Stamped Bricks

Nov 13 2010 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Tristan
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32 Feedback

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Hard trap beat with heavy brass and synths over 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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32 Feedback to “Stamped Bricks”

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  3. Great !

  4. this is towards tristan if theres any confusion

  5. yo man you might wanna check tyga’s new album “well done 2″ and listen to the song “well done 2″ as im pretty sure he stole your beat bro, or someone did. Unless he bought it because it sounds exactly the same except in the beginning and a few parts

  6. yea this junt bumpin but way 2 many names

  7. 5/5 !! damn is so sick hahhh!

  8. dis beat goes hella hard bro!!! keep up the good werk this song slaps!!!!

  9. this shit bangin cuh real nigga shit u kno 5/5

  10. bruh bruh this is the fyest song eva dem waka beats go hard do what u do patna

  11. i dont rap bt daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i luv diz tristanz beatz ! mayne .. keep doin ya thang !

  12. damnn bruh keep making waka flocka type beats I love rappin on these kinda beats 5/5

  13. god dammm i love your fast automated pitch snare rolls. hard as fuck

  14. Yo dis shyt go so damn hard man… u hella props…..dis shyt go

  15. i liike this……

  16. Sound like Flocka’s “Hard In The Paint” But just much better

    @yung m.a.r-tian15, yeah i thought the same when i heard it, thats what i don’t like about tristen hes a copy cat with those melodys, not creative enough, and he uses like all the same type of sounds in all his beats, they bang don’t get me wrong, but his shits just way to similar to many other producers.

  17. to be honest…it sounds like the theme song of a halloween kids special. 2/5

  18. hahahaha i didnt think Tristan would be on Shadowville LMAO LMAO… ur a sick ass dude :).. been following tristan since sometime :)…
    :)… i don rap on such beats but… i love listenin to them :).. takes talent

  19. Not gonna front..i hear Waka waka waka…and Gucci collab on this

  20. I really dig this one.

  21. dope

  22. wicked beat man all of em are dope dude very rare style reminds me of 90s electronic music wit more modern sound and beat

    @toxicrated, rare my ass LOL this sounds like all other trap type beats, just slightly different.

  23. sounds like some wacka folcka tear tha club up shit

  24. i could def. see some hype shit on this beat. I might cook sum up

  25. oh

  26. What he said.

  27. good but i think your puttin too many on in a short time you gotta let people enjoy each beat ya knoe?

    @themessage, id rather they put up 3 beats that are different from each other to show the producer’s ability :). I like

    @Shadow, yeah that actully makes sese to show how good they are all around i like that

    @themessage, all new producers debut with a couple of beats at a time

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