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Count Trapula

Nov 17 2010 | BPM: 77 | Producer: Tristan
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27 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Spooky trap beat with organs, synths, pizzicato strings, eerie whistles, and heavy 808s.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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27 Feedback to “Count Trapula”

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  4. I WANT TO DOWNLOADED it.TELL me how to do it :))))))))))

  5. ay tristan i dnt know who you are bt i must say your beats are by far the best beats i ever heard……better than zaytoven and all them other dudes……im a up and coming beat maker and i wanna know what beat making software you used and what instruments and things such as that……count trapula and real loud are the best ones……bt ay can you send me that count trapula beat i really want that one fareal……if i can get that one i’ll be good to go

  6. thats my dog tristan he done did it again i fucks wit u the long way

  7. the snare….. its here again

  8. this beat is funny xaxaxaxa

  9. oh yeah you know my style! Lov it keep it up!

  10. dooooooooooope!!

  11. this is one of those beats i hate so much i wanna write a great song 4 it, lol
    so it must be great in a sense

  12. halloween was over a few weeks ago -_-

    @shaheem, its a dark instrumental.. It has nothing to do with Halloween

    @smiley_teletubbie, lol my point was that it sounded like the beginning theme song of a halloween special


  14. I like the style its original

  15. And 2 this beat, thou shall spitith the trap. And only then shall justice b brought upon this….this….this MASTER PIECE!!!!!

    -Kew C.R.E.

  16. I wanna know where the hell you came from Tristan?! :D You came out of nowhere, dropped beats like a maniac, not that I’m hating, I dig most of your shit! Keep ‘em coming! :D

    @B, Thanks man, I’ve been at it for a while on soundclick

  17. Love it ! dark and silly for sure ! GUCCI D KILL IT !

  18. for real dude u are now my favorite producer these beats are fuckin tighter then a nuns phany

  19. so… fux N-a you came locked and loaded id really like to show you some of my personal recordings on your beats because you just keep on commin… gett IIt gIIrl

    @s0l0on3, I’m a guy lol. You can send tracks to my email,

  20. ur ass juz came outta no where. hit’um beat after beat… i aint mad at ya

  21. shits cool.

  22. So am I… I love this !

  23. Im down wit this

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