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Nov 19 2010 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Tristan
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17 Feedback

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Mysterious, evil sounding trap beat with creepy pianos, choirs, and synths.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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17 Feedback to “Nightmare”

  1. im a nightmare living on elm street pull up in that bitch looking like freddy sweater two tone paint bloody mary color the other tone same color as a brother/redc fuck wit me tristan i will murder this beat

    @rcoleone, i m a nightmare if u try me i put ur ass in a wheel chair wit the 40 lil shorty i beg ur pardon if u think u can fuck wit me i got the eastside niggas and whole bluff wit me u aint tough u see i got enough guns to make u bleed out a g u run ur mouth i leave u in the ground sleep this aint tlc but at night we creep in that all black jeep looking like jeepers creepers for u geekers and u tweekers the nightmare i bring will scare ur speakers/red c u know me the og im nighmare just like fred on elm streeet

  2. the snare….. what type of snare is it

  3. I’m a Fucking Nightmare, The Demon’s Embrace Me,,,
    The Fallen Angels From Above, Are The One’s Defaced me..
    I Can’t Ask God, Why He Displaced Me?
    But How Could Anyone Fuckin Misplace Me?
    Lucifer Himself is Out to Fuckin Chase Me..
    But No One Can Efface Me..
    Not Even The Devil Can Erase Me..

    @brysonthejerk, oooh man that was sick !!!!!

    Promoting Tristan Beats…

  5. perfect! You know what your doing! That’s it iam putting pen 2 pad!

    @jordi_smith, Jordi are right i should do the same

  6. like em man they are original but get u pumped like flocka beats

  7. Freshest shit out here…i feel you

  8. Dope , made me slap my self

  9. I like your stuff, mad original style, i think you gotta think outside the Club,
    I dig all the extra sounds an shit you put into your stuff, its just everybeat has a club bounce to it, i dunno, my opion.

    @dok holmes always, true

  10. I didn’t really like your other beats but this is sick good job!

  11. nice men i like it …

  12. nice work man :D way to go :D 4.5/5

  13. i like it, 4/5

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