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Anything To Make You Smile

Nov 27 2010 | BPM: 81 | Producer: hala-X
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25 Feedback

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Soft electric guitar riffs over tom kicks and claps with an uplifting vocal chorus.

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25 Feedback to “Anything To Make You Smile”

  1. Amazing. No, more! I love it. Great! Just perfect. I’m still hear it *-* Every Day.

  2. just sway. i love it.

  3. no words, just perfection .

  4. dope! i played it like 5 time today. do you know who bought it, i wanna hear the finished version

  5. i wanna download this fkn koo song but i cant..
    heard it from my old ex bf at his place, luv it!
    I’d love it even more if i download it.. <3

  6. This is propably the sadest beat wich I heard in my life! But imo it’s awsome..

  7. This is da hottest beat i heard in a long time. I got to have this beat. If u got more like this one i got to have .

    3% and i’m up build them buck. Killwaukee

  8. Awsome beat!

  9. Just What I needed! Thanks!

  10. Masterpiece

  11. Absolutely AMAZING instrumental! 5 stars WAY up! LOVING the Cee-Lo green sample. I’m already obsessed with that song, and to find this randomly, is just amazing. You rock Hala!

    This isn’t Cee-lo green sample, it ssampled from Band of horses - Noone’s gonna love you :)

  12. Really makes people smile this beat…


  13. been craving a new beat of yours to have me addicted to your instrumentals!

  14. It a good beat i like it. I do not mind that you put a vocal chorus in any of your beats, though i like them to be very open ended and easy for me to work with. With “At My Best” i was able to create an amazing song and if anything the hook helped me create the song by complementedl my creativity, But with “I’m Fresh I’m Fly” though i loved the beat, the chorus restricted me way too much that i ended up not writing anything to it.
    Keep up the Good Work, 5/5, I just hope that you drop beats more often.

  15. finally, a hala beat i can get down on

  16. AWESOME!!! hala baby!!! ……….. its really tight this 1… :) very relaxed.. such beats are the need of the hour

  17. two thumbs up

  18. i like this one ! 5/5

  19. How is this not similar 2 “At my best” well 2 me, thatz the 1st beat that comes 2 mind.

    This shit fresh. Nobody has a style like Hala X. Shit real tight.

    -Kew C.R.E.

    @kew c.r.e., It is now — the beat was accidentally listed under R&B when it shouldn’t be which screwed with the system’s suggestion algorithm.

  20. This is one of the best beats ive ever heard. FIRE

  21. hala - the best producer of shagowville

  22. fucking dope

  23. hello, I’m from mexico and this is cool I love your base as Unloading

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