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Can't Leave The Game

Aug 17 2006 | BPM: 82 | Producer: hala-X
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30 Feedback

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Straight up some smooth up tempo music. Hot string sample and female vocals flipped.

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30 Feedback to “Can't Leave The Game”

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  2. best of suks.

  3. i dont like this beat

  4. i already killed this song lets move on to another fire beat!

  5. Damn !!! hala x ! this beat is realy nice… good job !

  6. Powda Uses This Exact Beat In Her Mixtape Called Fow Look It Up its On You Tube The Songs Called THE GAME NEED ME By Powda

  7. can i get the original beat? without jay-z on it. cuz i wanna sample eminem when he says “cant leave rap alone the game needs me” off of Business from Eminem Show.

  8. hot shzit homie

  9. this beat is crazy keep it up you making them boys have to come out with them lyrics not for simple minded people i see.

  10. sik creation.. what sample was used for the beat?? the female voice is a nice touch…

  11. Yo this shit all of the beats r tight. don’t have a studio so just keep downloading this shit to make hits so keep this shit poppin

  12. Yo Hala X this shit is hot.I can’t record on this shit because it needs a wav format or some shit. Yo holla back if u know how to record on this shit.

  13. Damn Damn This Shit IS Magnificent …

  14. ALL day Sickenin. I Can Spit Off Diz Beat Non Stop Yah B Killin Da Eastcoast Style Stay Up


  15. why is it only 4.24???? i think its an 5,0 damn hot shitttt

  16. …Aye…

    …This Beat….

    ..Throwback Heat Like Easy Bake Ovens….

    …I Download Alotta Beats From You Guys Just….
    …To Keep My Writin Up To Par Cuz I Aint Got Access…
    …To A Studio Right Now…..

    ..If I Use One I’ll Upload It Somewhere So You Dudes Can Hear It….
    …Ya’ll Should Have A Production Deal…No B-Shittin….

  17. awesome beat… always loved X’s beat… the vocal sample kills me .. fuckin stabs the heart. tho Jay z, better witout him i guess cz he sound like he talkn from his nose… aint rite effect. but overall tightass flip from X again. 9.2/10
    dam i love this guy (no homo)

  18. I def just fucked up votin on it tho sry

  19. This has got to be one of my fav beats…

  20. hahah stole his beat but this is str8 hala how can u copy something like this?

  21. ??

  22. YOU STOLE MY BEAT!!!! I MADE THIS SAME BEAT 2 YEARS AGO!! lol jp but yea it’s hot

  23. Daayuuumm hala this shit def firee man, damnnnnnnn

    keep it up homie,,

    peace maaaa

  24. some crazy beat homie keep it up word

  25. 1st version posted here was wi/o the hook, SLantize changed it to one with the hook after a while

  26. ok ..but for me to much to rap over but i loved the pause

  27. that jayz sample still is in there, he prolly heard it

  28. its kinda funny Sixxxty, because on 1st version of this beat i put Jay on the hook, saying “CANT LEAVE RAP ALONE… THE GAME NEEDS ME”

    You can peep this one with the hook at

  29. kanye would kill this nice work hala

  30. This is straight fire ass shiznit right here. Reminds me of Jay-Z for some reason. An east coast flow would do this beat justice. 5 stars…

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