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Dec 04 2010 | BPM: 82 | Producer: Tristan
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14 Feedback

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Crunk southern beat with heavy drums, claps, 808s, and steady gliding square lead synths.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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14 Feedback to “Explosive”

  1. i made a tight ass radio track to this beat its goin in

  2. wat vst packs u use for da synths lead??

  3. why are u so good?

  4. I like you Tristan, you music is Cool sounds like Techno, club to me. I don’t know
    about others but Your Music is Great! Along with the other Shadowville Producers.

  5. i dont recommond playing this loud in headphones, may cause ear drum bleeding.
    never heard something so intense as that grinder noise thing on a beat b4,
    good stuff though

    @dok holmes always, wrong beat i was talking about ” The anthem”
    my bad

  6. like i said before i think Tristan the hottest on shadowville

  7. it’s like you’re getting better beat by beat :D

  8. I love your tracks Tristan! As soon as I am not broke I am going to buy the license off a few of these. Keep the dirty south style!

    @jmak82, Appreciate that

    @Tristan, Ive made two tracks so far. Me and my boy want to use some of your beats for our mixtape. What city are you in?

  9. i wanna see some west coast shit man!!!!!!!!!

  10. Are you using any special vst packs? this is a great track!

  11. shit thats good ,

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