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Dec 06 2010 | BPM: 72 | Producer: Tristan
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13 Feedback

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Spooky southern beat with a steady synth lead, dark pianos, and choirs, and heavy brass on the chorus over heavy 808s.

Moods: Dark, Frantic, Silly

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13 Feedback to “Gravedigger”

  1. Nice beat need to get at you cop some of these hot tracks


    @brysonthejerk, My Freestyle to this.,

  3. You Are Definatly My Favorite Beatmaker On This Site

  4. this shit’s fire like gasoline and matches

  5. No offense or anything because a lot of your beats sound like they could actually have some success with the right rapper. But I think you should try widening your style a little. All of your beats have pretty much the same feeling to them and most of them have that synthesizer that always reminds me of halloween lol. Just try switching it up a bit, that’s all I’m saying.

    @t-rev, def agree, theyre all pretty much da same. no disrespect sick style juss 2 similar

  6. sick-ass-beat.

  7. damn dis is yo coldess shit welcome ta shadowville my nigga

  8. 10/10

  9. This is the fucking thing ive been waiting for man!!
    WHAT A SICK TRACK :)…… faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!… i can kill this one and drop if u want tristan :)…
    even drop a hook that can Kill marka :P

  10. Damn Tristan! This shit is nasty as fuck! That bass is kickin like a bruce lee flick! Good shit man!

  11. Tristan, Your tracks hit hard man. Lovin’ em’.

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