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Go Ham

Dec 08 2010 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Tristan
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16 Feedback

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Hard hitting trap beat with epic deep strings, orchestral percussions, and eerie synths over 808s.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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16 Feedback to “Go Ham”

  1. tristan always goin hard bruh bruh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dude this shit right here is too fuckin’ ballistic!!! I got to record somethin’ to this!! Can I please!!!!!!!!!!????? Hit me back on here or my Facebook, or my Yahoo.


  3. bruh dis junt bumpin n ima make me a dance of dis shit fa show n u r a real good instrumentalist keep makin dem good beats bruh

  4. i went ham when i saw this song. this is sick so tell me how u do it

  5. It’d be different if your tags we’re pleasant to the ear but they never fit with any of your beats. Its ok, though, always trying to get money in a money-grubbing world, you gotta stay up to keep up.

  6. Great beat… I like all the trap beats you make Tristan. Keep up the good work I love all your beats… the bass is what really gets me every time lol I really like this one

  7. you are one of the worst beatmakerz i ever heeeard! =P

  8. This is mean.

  9. This BAAANNGGZZZ!!! This beat by itself might start a fight in tha club. This is nuts, it reminds me of Jeezy’s “Crazy World”. 10 / 10

  10. this may be the worst instrumental i ever heard

    @dok holmes always, in a good way

  11. LOL to the first comment…man this is my favourite beat from you so fuckingg illl

  12. 1) Tristan is a guy LOL (Dammit it’s not because a girl says something in the tag that the producer is a girl lol. Is Sinima a chick ? smh)
    2) Thinking about it, this would be fuckin’ hot to see a girl produce such insane tracks
    3) As I said in 2), your tracks are always insane, even tho’ I like this one quite less.

  13. lol yeah Tristans a guy lol

  14. Wow. This sounds like something that could be in a movie soundtrack…… You go girl. Five out of five.

    @raparoot, I’m a guy LOL

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