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Vice City

Aug 17 2006 | BPM: 110 | Producer: Slantize
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15 Feedback

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This is a feel good vibe, almost like an 80s club sound track. Imagine throwin this on your stereo while drivin’ along the Miami beach at night in 1984.

Genres: Club, Pop

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15 Feedback to “Vice City”

  1. colek

  2. Hahahahahah West Coast ?? man ur kiddin me, i dont say that i dont like it, its good but not west coast style..

  3. cooool
    keep it on bro…
    great work

  4. Nice

  5. Cooooooooooool ^^

    thx AloooT ^_^

  6. haha so different but this style is awsome

  7. This beat shows the creativness and skill that Slantize holds. Keep doing your thing man. Very nice…5/5

  8. this is sick, very diffrent

  9. also mase would spit nice on it

  10. i can picture game rippin this up, or even crackin jokes bout 50 on it, a good west style like game would murk this beat, i know im gonna :)

  11. Slant…..i love you…..lmao

  12. ill be writing a song to this shit straight away.. nice shit again.. 5/5 from me

  13. love these type of beats man.. DAMN DAMN DAMN

    keep this game shit up

  14. agree wit 60 on th is one but i like the pauses and the more i listin to it the more i like it. its sick slant. nice work

  15. It even has that video game feel to it a lil bit, yet it would be challenging for someone of my demeanor to flow to it. Either way, it’s a tight one. I gave it 5 for the inventiveness and the complexity of the melody.

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