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Make Me Wanna

Dec 12 2010 | BPM: 102 | Producer: Adamack
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11 Feedback

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Sexy club beat with an addicting buzz saw melody and some beatbox percussion elements.

Moods: Dark, Silly
Genres: Club

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11 Feedback to “Make Me Wanna”

  1. Simple, raw and moving. Purrfect.

  2. Adamack, thanks for this beat! Shit wrote itself. If you wanna hear what I came up with, check it out at the link below-

  3. this beat is off the hook gunna make this a total club song will post when done

  4. This beats sick in the face xD

  5. nice one

  6. Simple but nice. I can hear some very low end kick drums and bass line to this. It’s very repetitive but catchy. 5 outa 5. Adamack is back! Thanks for this track.

  7. yeah this is it !!! good job!!! i like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Admack…. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!.. :) hahahahahaha brings back some nice shit!!!…. Real good lyrical MC can fuck this up and down!

    Drop ur comments on my songs bro if u have time…
    my songs:

    @smokey mwa, wordd cry now is the ishh
    props yo keep doin your thing

    @smokey mwa, damn bro cry now is a deep track, most headz on this site r beyond wack but dis actually sumthng id listen 2, good flow keep doin ur thng

    thanks bro for taking the time to listen to it :) :) plz continue the support man… one love

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