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The Gingerbread Man

Dec 13 2010 | BPM: 65 | Producer: Tristan
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43 Feedback

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Christmas themed trap beat with hypnotic bells over angry brass and heavy 808s.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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43 Feedback to “The Gingerbread Man”

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  2. Aw, if you’da synced those bells with the beat oh man! I know you offset it like that on purpose and it still came out heated but it would’ve been perfect to line that hook up

  3. are you serious?? how do you concoct these musical orgasms?!?

  4. Tristan you should BAN that guy ca13oose from ever makin a song on one of ur tracks EVER AGAIN….they fucked that shit UPPPPPPPPPPPP

  5. I’ve Said it once ill say it again…ant none of thes produces on here fuckn wit this guy

  6. Ca13oose - Gingerbread Man ft. J

  7. dude this the best beat i have ever heard have u ever thought if like rick ross came out with a christmas song and payed u $1,000,000 to get that song from u hahahahaha that would be awesome.

  8. This is a dope christmas beat!! Thanks man!!!

  9. omg this nice

  10. nice bro

  11. how…. how do u do it man…. tell me

  12. This beat had me crackin’, but at 3:00 you killed me bro. That bridge was INSANE !! You should do more this way

  13. dope drops man


  15. Great Beat, nice bass and christmas sample. I made a complete song off of it and I’m lookin to buy. tell me what you think and we’ll make this happen. “Gingerbread Jingle”
    Check It Out

  16. i gots me a nice little song on this one so far

  17. haha sick

  18. i agree wiht ya boy MurrmDizz another christmas hit b4 christmas cuz yo skilz is killin

  19. Nice, this is the second themed beat I’ve heard from you and it’s killer. The first one is Count Trapula, that shit is dope.

  20. sick beat tristan….maybe another christmas type beat b4 chistmas????

  21. THIS IS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Keep this up.

  22. very sick bass line… cant wait to hear this shit on all 3 of my systems…

    haha check it out i freestyled and MURDERD this beat lol

    @lyr1x, love some parts of the song and hate some parts. Ain’t nobody gonna buy this beat dude. Sorry, just keepin it real.

  24. God damn son! this beat is ill

  25. Damn, this beat is super grim. Can’t imagine someone rapping over it, but I’d bet someone producing a twisted christmas flick would hop on this mega quick.

  26. Dance of the sugar plum fairy really doe im feelin dis

    @pimpdog29, Yup and thanks

    @Tristan, yo this track was dope but that ginger bread fariry land shit should have cut at like 40 seconds and gone into a different beat

  27. LOL is sample by a ost of harry potter…
    do i wrong?

  28. ha I wanna know what that melody’s from?? I’ve heard that a million times I think on a walmart commercial er something like that, and I didn’t really like when the brass did that “roll” thing it sounded weird to me, but other than that great beat! perfect for this time of year, keep em comin

  29. this also reminds me of a very dark christmas lol perfect i can hear Grim Demize on this aswell as tech n9ne

  30. I usually don’t like your shit, but this beat is fucking sick.

    @jigsaw7, Yu a fuckin hatter dude this guy aint been droppin nuthin but hot SHIT !!!!!

    @yaboifoe, Nothing BUT HOTTNESS

  31. Wow, I love how the way U lined up the melody wit the beat. That is Hip Hop on any coast.
    Might have 2 give Tristan the nod on bein the best wit creativity. 2 early 2 say wit him bein so new but he is ILL wit it.

    Yo, theres a rapper in my city name GRINCH, bout 2 go find’m and colab. This shit is nutz.

    -Kew C.R.E.

  32. This is dope as hell my mysterious dude!

  33. thats pretty sick …

    check out my songs at

  34. That shit was fucken DOPE man!! Perfect holiday beat.. I could definatly hear somebody rippen the shit out of this beat.. Maybe I’m the one to do it? Hehe, definatly gonna download this and work on something to it.. “It was the night before christmas, and all the the house, not a creature was sturring except your mom with my cock in her mouth!” hahaha!

  35. Total cosign with Raparoot… This is fucking dope…

  36. dope homie merry christmas

  37. Freakie sounding. I keep expecting the Grinch to tap me on my shoulder when I listen to this track.. I like to listen to this track but I would never rap/sing to it. It stands alone as an instrumental. You are on a roll. Keep rollin.

  38. So fucking dope

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