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Dec 23 2010 | BPM: 176 | Producer: Allrounda
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28 Feedback

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Constantly moving strings and epic choirs with orchestral brass over hard hitting drums.

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28 Feedback to “Warhammer”

  1. Dis Nigga is da best you can ever had…, am a living witness. Nicolas Allrounda Scholtes. enough respect for him… he is my H2 Zo… if you know what i mean…. he put me online… now see me shinening so fly. RUFF MUZICK ENT. C.E.O. Mr Robinson. Tears and pain, man don mi wo ft Christman, Henessy 1&2 Fara bale ft Anni Ranks.. is all live on ( Or you hook me on

  2. please watch my testimony, God is so faithful.

  3. i cnt stop playn this beat back to back..i think this is the one..real tlk….i got so much energy off this ..this is what its about…

  4. ahh man..i can hear the lil voices in my head telln me to go in..this beat is seeerrriiioouuussss…..

  5. Russian from Kazakhztan

  6. altin-h

  7. thts has the sound of some M&M wrk.Thts good stuff.I my have to get one up out u one day homie

  8. Sick man… making song out of this

  9. very snowgoon like, so dope


  10. Sounds like it should be in a movie. Very Epic. Good stuff

  11. wow thats awesome great beat!!!!

  12. GOD…..DAMN….THATS HOT !! Wahow! This man has some serious talent!

  13. A+ stuff man, definitly epic - ness! Keep em cominn

  14. nice work!

  15. The best track ever

  16. My respects to you bro! Nice beat!

  17. This is the best!! Respect!! ;)

  18. A Snippet with the best beats EVER !!!

  19. Absolutely awesome.

  20. Definatly, EPIC!


  22. You are the best man!!!!

    i li ke you’r style beat.

  23. Haha I Don’t know if it’s just me but that kick sounds cheesy as hell, I liked it at first than it totally fell apart when the drumline started

    @lilnate93, how the hell can KICK fall apart when the DRUM LINE starts? i havent heard any of kicks separated from the drum line here…. some imaginary kicks here? btw, allrounda, this is mad… 5/5

    @roki, Umm thats not what I meant man, I liked the BEAT until the drumline started thats when I felt THE WHOLE BEAT FELL APART not just the kick, it just sounds bad on my headphones, thats just my opinion I meant the whole beat not the kick drum

  24. str8 fyre, u gna strt riots in da streets wit dis one. ruptured my eardrums wit dis demonic masterpiece, no offense 2 2deep but i alwayz thought ur solo wrk was alot harder


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