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When I'm Ridin

Sep 29 2006 | BPM: 88 | Producer: hala-X
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42 Feedback

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Very simple but catchy deep brass based southern beat, allowing alot of room for flow. This is the type of beat where you can show off your lyrical skills. Catchy screwed hook.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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42 Feedback to “When I'm Ridin”

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  24. stright up NWA LOl..

  25. best!! bleess

  26. damn i love thiss beatt yeahh

  27. this beat is the fucking shit

  28. i

  29. This beat sounds aight, sounded kinda wierd at 1st,but now, It makes me want to rob a bank or somethin,It gets that gangsta mode flowin outta me. Real Ill real.Im goin DL this beat.I’ll be sure to mention HALA-X of SHADOWVILLE PROD.aight.pce.

  30. A homie this shit right, this right here. Naw this shit is gangsta than a muthafucka. Already got somethin to lace this one

  31. ohhhhhhhhhhh shit damn man this is fuckin crazy. hottt ass beat man i love that brass

  32. this shit is raw as hell i might have to use this

  33. This Beat is Fuckin Tight!

  34. perfect for me! Not Luda or David Banner! they’ve already made it big. So, I’ma use this for my practice and maaaaayyyyybe a demo. Enough ’bout me. Damn, this beat is sick!!!!! congrats….to the best producer on Shadowville right now!

  35. Yeah David Banner would sound sick on here….so would Big Boi…..that’s a match made in the ghetto.

  36. Only one word: Damn!

  37. David banner all da way

  38. I can easily picture Luda & David Banner rapping on a track like this

  39. annoying…
    not so well done.

    work more with it.

  40. This kinda reminds me of like an old school N.W.A. type beat, sick tho

  41. i’m hearting it, i don’t like slow rapping so i could prolly get a collab goin with someone so they can balance out my fast flow on this

  42. David, David, David, David Banner, Banner, Banner, Banner…I know that brother would eat this track up. Because it sums him up so well, dispite my inability to properly flow on this track, you got 5.

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