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It's Easy

Sep 29 2006 | BPM: 82 | Producer: hala-X
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15 Feedback

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Very laid back guitar beat sample with string pads. Creates a very relaxed, “let’s-just-chill-today-and-forget-about-everything-else” mood. Take it easy.

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15 Feedback to “It's Easy”

  1. omfg please remove it..

  2. i”m kidding

  3. shit big shit

  4. mann the begining of this beat is from Age of Mythology the greatest ever gameee man !

  5. this is a type of beat u cud juss smoke to and relax

  6. ahead of its time 5/5

  7. yea this beat make me wanna go sit down sumwhea blow out wit my pplz eatin cheetos

  8. I think this is catchy as hell

  9. Dis beat make me wanna chillax

  10. Very versitile. I liked this man. Not something I would spit over, but I’m probably not skilled enough to or something lol I dunno. It’s nice though man, SHADOWVILLE KEEPIN’ IT DOPE!

  11. what?

  12. The melody isnt too catchy enough for fans…

  13. Creative beat no doubt about it. Not my type of a beat so thats it

  14. well it was nice sampled and chopped!
    but i don’t like the panning of the main sample.

    that drum-switch was pretty cool though!

  15. It looks to me as if that “Arabian” style is blowin’ up big on the net. It’s evident in the beginning guitar on the track, but then the style completely twists in a suprise move. Very clever. It’s got a weird 70’s groove to it, and would probably brainwash me if I was stoned.

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