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The Entrance

Dec 25 2006 | BPM: 85 | Producer: Slantize
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43 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Very hyped up mood, with constantly moving synths. Electric guitar for kick hits.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic
Genres: Club

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43 Feedback to “The Entrance”

  1. This beat so dope my 5yr daughter started freestylin (yes she does it for real)!!!! Really upset that it’s not available anymore…..

  2. hmmm

  3. brokencyde fucked this beat up, what a waste of a really good beat. That Mongolian version sounds a lot better.

  4. Umm Brokencyde is freakin stupid

  5. DAMN IT Can someone please send me This my computer crashed and know i don’t have this anymore. would really like this beat back.

  6. brokencyde hahaahaha wow nice!

  7. hoş bi beat bence hız söze uyu paylaşım için tşkrLer

  8. Nejde to stahnout debili zasrani

  9. Yeah, This is a beat to a Brokencyde song. It’s called Schizophrenia

  10. you need to make another one like this im jealous of who ever bought this. this shits 2 hot

  11. Slant’ can you send me the version with the “Heys” on the hook plz ??

  12. This is the beat to a BrokeNcyde song…. They actually bought your beat? haha, thats tight dude

  13. this beat is so tight,my friend Cos made this work,fast paste song-

  14. damn this is for me (devil)

  15. watch as my friends are doing their thang on this beat. Became Number one played MUSIC VIDEO of the TV CHARTS and most played song on the radios. THANK YOU!

  16. Beat in fire, but Lil Wayne sucks.

  17. shouldve kept the “heys” in the set the hook off

  18. W…..O……W

  19. nice :((

  20. naa, imagine lil wayne on dis

  21. i love

  22. actually dawg my computer crashed can u send me a link 2 version w/ tha heys - i’d really appriciate this b7y the way i’m commin 4 tha $300 on that contest beat so expect my version real soon

  23. BRING THA HEYS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. gracias de aca desde chile un saludo cordia y vale por lña pista esta van

  25. cant get eough of this beat

  26. i couldnt see chamillionaire or DMX or Fat joe on this, naaww i definitly see a fast rapper on that, like Bizzy and Twista annndd sumone else…but i dunnoo , that would be Bommbbb

    yeah this beat is ridiculously crunk

  27. awesome beat
    but yeah remove those heys……………….
    all in all great beat>

  28. I cant see chamillionaire on this. I see more of a fat joe or maybe Dmx pending on the rhymes.

  29. Thank you so much Slantize and Shadowville for listening to your fans.

    The song is so much better now. Thank you again.

    This song is dope.

  30. reminds me of those old anime shows

    this is fucking hot

  31. This is definitely hot! Very different and I totally am feeling the techno sound.


  32. They hey’s have been removed.

  33. i personally like the heys lol this is a crunk/club beat and anyone who goes to the club knows once the hey comes in bitches will be goin wild lol.

  34. Oh My God, this is the best Beat I ever heard. With whitch programm do you make that beats???

  35. I’d agree, remove the heys.

  36. Hey, I beg you Shadowville guys…please remove that HEY! HEY! HEY! from this song…It ruins the flow. It starts out to sound like some technoish melody mixed with a hiphop beat but then the HEYs just F it up completely…

    I don’t even listen to this song because of that…

    PLEASE REMOVE THAT HEY HEY HEY. I bet all the cats on here will agree the same. Remove it please…


  37. damn this one is very hot, i´m from germany, my mixtape commin´ next spring, IT´S HOOOT !!; if anybody is interested in my stuff, contact me:,

    peace out, SHADOWVILLE 4 LIFE

  38. This is a crazy beat, but I personally don’t like the “Hey” shouts on the hook. This could sell millions of copies, given the right rapper is on this.
    I could see Chamillionaire doing a HOT thing on this. :)

  39. this is hot 10/10

  40. i love wut u did wit the guitar

  41. This is a sick ass beat!!!!

  42. nice. I’m a kill this shit on my mix tape comming next spring

  43. Holy shit this thing is fucken bomb as fuck. Props to this shit 9.8/10

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