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Bottle Service

Dec 25 2006 | BPM: 110 | Producer: Slantize
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10 Feedback

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Fast paced club beat, something suitable for Ying Yang Twins or the like.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club

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10 Feedback to “Bottle Service”

  1. Foe Sure Ying Yang Twins could use this beat .
    Nice job hom’s

  2. bune lan aq

  3. This Beat IS CRaZZY, This Will keep tha Ladyz MOvin….. and thats what we want…. good shit

  4. makes me smile dog…always a nice job from shadowville best on


  5. sicin emi:D

  6. Pretty Sick Slant, But Whoever You Let Come In And Fart On Every Single Bar Kind Of Ruined It. Would Have Been Much Nicer Without The Constant Flagelance…

  7. Oh yeah.. This is a beat I love.. It’s similar to “Get Ya Game On”, and I love the instrument playing right from the start. Gives me such a great feeling. VERY nicely done, Slantize!

  8. when i download this i only get part of the beat…what’s the dealio for realio? hahaha

  9. i love when the hook comes in

  10. damn…this is hott

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