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Crackdown Part II

Jan 12 2007 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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24 Feedback

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97 BPM. Hype string beat with a dark feeling.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Frantic
Genres: Underground

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24 Feedback to “Crackdown Part II”

  1. ja już gdzieś to słyszałem albo mi sie wydaje :D Zajebista robota ;p

  2. I spat over this man, I’ll let it speak for itself:

  3. Absolutely INSANE !!!!!

  4. man in my opinion, you’re a better producer than Dr. Dre, stay blessed

  5. thissssssssss beattttttttt is a reallyyy cool stuffffffff

  6. Simply Killa…

  7. tad*

  8. yeah the violin is panned off to the right a tap bit extreme

  9. OH SHIT!
    First go very boring… then returns to the 20th century…Boi…F**KING GOOD JOB!

  10. this shit hits hard!!!!!!!

  11. the best part is from 1:45 to 1:50

  12. Sick beat, vey crazy madman like, what sample?

  13. this reminds me of public enemy

  14. yeah this beat plays perfectly… im really feeling the way it just all fits together… very nice… this beat needs a better rating for sure lol

  15. violins are dope man me an slant and hala gotta collab on a beat.

    get at me

  16. i feelin it .. and unlike that other fool , i like how the violin is panned . . “aint no [beatmaker] like the one i got .. no one can do it better !”

  17. Damn! This is off the hook… Simply awesome..

  18. Tis beat is just f***** great, man!!

  19. Sick. Don’t Really Like How The Violin Is Panned Though…

  20. god damn! the beat is crazy…

  21. Bow down to the chopping king, Hala-X!!! *Bowing*

  22. This beat is of da hook, once again Hala u seise 2 amaze me… BRAAP!!!


  23. lol ^^ this beat is damn tight

  24. This beat is amazing in nearly every aspect. Hala is going to hell because GOD is mad that something other than him is worshipped (this beat)

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