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When All Falls Apart

Feb 13 2007 | BPM: 87.00 | Producer: Slantize
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27 Feedback

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Very moving strings, saddening piano with deep and emotional dark orchestra.

Moods: Epic, Sad

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27 Feedback to “When All Falls Apart”

  1. I just released this beat sounds a lot like the song dance with the devil by immortal technique.

    @wr111896, realized sry

  2. ya motherfu2ker, nice beat man

  3. Goooooooooooood :):)

  4. Ima make dis a hot track

  5. perfect

  6. the king


  7. did this beat get chopped off. the version i have doesn’t do that. just thought yall should know

  8. goog good

  9. fucking epic
    100000000/5 lol

  10. 100% cool

  11. this beat might make someone suicidal

  12. ill .. nothin else !

  13. Best beat hands down….. seperates the lyricist from the Dr Seuss’s.

  14. very good work!
    i cant wait to hear another great beat!

  15. This beat is real emotional… Great job on it… I especially like the horns that come in near the end of it. Keep up the great work Slant.

  16. Amazing beat, one of your best pieces Slantize.

  17. “I bet Immortal Technique calls yall by the end of the day for this beat.”

    Actually Immort already got a track called “Dancing with the Devil” which is already like this, sampled from Love Story.

    Too lazy to check but seems like the main melody here is hittin the same start up notes as Love Story. Pretty sick fkin beat, really puts u into that deep emotional state.


  18. pretty deep shit yo,but im feelin it.

    could use with sum sick flowin lyrics

  19. I’m gonna rip this beat to shreds on my mixtape. No doubt about it!

  20. beats HOT… this should make a lot of ppl happy(hopefully)

  21. that music is magical. it keeps me going on and on..

  22. I bet Immortal Technique calls yall by the end of the day for this beat.

  23. yo slantz dis is exactly wut i need to do my demo good work


  25. Very Very nice mr. slant

  26. Ahhh.. Been missing a beat like this.

    So, so nice.

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