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Mar 04 2007 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Slantize
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22 Feedback

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A saddening slow beat with soft pianos and choir. Strings and bells build up to a sexy saxophone chorus.

Moods: Sad

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22 Feedback to “Distance”

  1. Nice

  2. dang this bomb bro like the bass and snare could ues this for something extradorniry

  3. it s not complete???

  4. So nice - I take it:)

  5. biore

  6. cool track

  7. this is one of my personal faves

  8. I used this beat for a song entitled “reaching” check it out on I was able to turn this into inspiration…

  9. this a great beat

    congratulation slantize————-

  10. Great work and beat keep up the good work!

  11. yeahh man this how itmust to bee.mastek_retro_crew

  12. Tight beat…could be an amazing song…and the sax keeps it real

  13. i like this beat i from africa i want to contact us to make a collaboration this my mail

  14. Amazing body of work man from Distance to Chea to Get loose to Ruthless I am in total awe of your talent…..Keep up the great work..God Bless.

  15. this is one of my personal faves

  16. one southern beat I actually like..nice work slant, i love the sax

  17. i like the way this beat is put togeather makes for a tight story.thanx

  18. hey i have work done with this beat… check it out.. let me kno man..

  19. the beat is just great. i keep listening and listening.

  20. yeah i’m with illest wun i mean i like sinima but shit i was waiting 4 a beat like this its awesome

  21. had to comment again, im loving this beat man, it is better than all the stuff that was put out in the past week BY FAR

  22. finally a slantize beat! Aiyo i like the verse alot, but i dont think the chorus matches the mood of the verse, the chorus sounds very sad, while the verse sounds like you pushin through a struggle. But good to finally get a beat from u….hope to see more

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