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Barbecue Grills

Mar 29 2007 | BPM: 77 | Producer: Slantize
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26 Feedback

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Fast paced banjo over quick percussion with synths.

Moods: Frantic, Silly
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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26 Feedback to “Barbecue Grills”

  1. Stromectol

  2. this has BOONDOX written all over it

  3. Keep It Going Man Kool Beat 5/5 Peace

  4. lilrobz…. just stfu… you took a bunch of rhyming words and put them together, anyone can do that.. *ANYONE*

    at least make it sound good-.-

  5. wilmot i wrote that when i was pissd off at this kid steven lilrob i have no idea why u would try to battle me yur an idiot man

  6. I will download this beat…thankz bro…

  7. sweet ass beat

  8. i dont give a fuck what any body says this beat is the shit…neta

  9. Bravo ! But u must create Beat’s better than it !

  10. Thanx for this beat !!! Holla Peace

    Whait until the Next one Keep it Up!!


  12. I got the right song for this shit! Man, this will be sooo different!!! Get Ready!

  13. wack ass dudes…hott beat!

  14. omg some people clearly cannot battle. weres both your wordplay, punchlines multies???? u lot should come on lets beef try beat us you have shit chance i was 5th out of 3600 online rapp battleing, try and take my spot :P

  15. bro hoo r u to be talkin
    u better turn around and start walkin
    and u no im gonna be stalkin
    u fuken hoe
    u no im gonna be following u everywere u go
    after im done wif u
    ur gonna be crying
    and believe me im not lying
    shut ur mouth before i shoot u
    and believe me its gonna put a hole in u
    people r gonna see straight through
    im gonna fuk ur face
    so much ur mum will call you a discrace
    and im gonna use a mase
    so dont fuk around
    or ill drop u to the ground

  16. Steven yur a little bitch
    Gonna leave yur ass in the ditch
    People say shit
    And u really don’t want me to flip
    I wanna crack u in the jaw
    I know if I do this
    U would call the law
    Don’t look so worry
    Nobody fills that sorry
    Gonna shoot u in the head
    Fill yur body up with lead
    I can see it in my eye
    That yur gonna fuckin cry
    I’m gonna bring u pain
    So u don’t forget my name
    Drop u on the fuckin ground
    Hoped that yur found
    Cause nobody will be around

  17. yo man this is soo fukin sick
    keep up the good work

  18. tn trn tn tn tn tn. tn trtntn tntntn…..damn cool homieeee …kik ass

  19. this has bubba sparXXXXXXXXX writen all over it

  20. ^haha na, somethin else too. just my personal opinion. i said the shit’s hot

  21. ^ That characteristic would be vocals.

  22. the banjo an percussion is sick. feel like it’s lacking that one special characteristic to push it over the top. but all in all-another hot ass beat as always.

  23. Shiet this beat is some heat… Man Slantize bro u got this sheit where u want it… keep up the success

  24. about the hottest timbo type beats i’ve heard yet

  25. Mamamiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  26. Damn i just can’t get enough of BBQ :)

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