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Catch The Beat

Apr 22 2007 | BPM: 100 | Producer: Slantize
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17 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Real simple but extremely catchy wide synth melody over a club drum pattern.

Moods: Inspiring
Genres: Club, Pop

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17 Feedback to “Catch The Beat”

  1. I love that beat!
    How can I download it?

  2. e kam ber un ket keng………..


  4. ^^ it has got sold…

    damn! could not get this beat…

  5. how come this isnt available anymore?

  6. man cool it s good … :D! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new track

  7. nice bro
    keep up the good work

  8. You are in another level bro!

  9. i’m from turkey .. this beats is good pro. thank u for th beats

  10. Very good Beat!!
    I;m form holland and i have on this beat a new song writet..I dont know hou to say

  11. cool!!!

  12. nice ass beat slant, u da best shadowville producer 4 real 5 outta 5

  13. pure flame u know who i could hear on this someone like Diddy feat. Rick Ross & Juvenile with Young Jeezy on the hook it reminds me more of Jay-Z’s “Snoopy track” than run it tho i mean i can c y u’d say that but yea bringin that fya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. shits bangin

  15. Wide synth as in filtered so that it sounds full stereo panned in your ears. Not as dry.

  16. This one sounds really professional.

  17. uh, you can blame it on my southern education i guess but i’m lost. what do you mean exactly when you say “WIDE” synth. I’ve never heard that term.

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