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Smooth Cream Pt. II

May 14 2007 | BPM: 120 | Producer: Slantize
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15 Feedback

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Relaxing techno-style synth on a quick paced beat. Pianos and strings make a very mellow blend.

Genres: R&B, Urban

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15 Feedback to “Smooth Cream Pt. II”

  1. I heard this during the ending credits to the new DBZ Game. It made me want to get it.

    I also heard other beats but I couldn’t place them just yet.

  2. dis shit go stoopid hard da piano is nice

  3. this techno sound is amazing 5/5

  4. oke

  5. if u got cha shit set up right you should OWN a fly whip by prom my nigga…beat is sick tho where is da melody from i swear ive heard dat

  6. yuhh this shit is ill man

  7. Good beat :)

  8. honestly bro i feel like renting a whip, taking the flyest chick in the city to prom, and getting it on with her to this beat….this is fucking amazing….thats right adp i LOVE this beat

  9. i love this beat, this is a shadowville classic, slantize, u should have a proud smile on your face :)

  10. I love this beat. It is quite inspirational.

  11. Damn That Piano Is Kickin

  12. Ive heard this beat before, did you just rename an old beat?

  13. its nice, but i would prefer a if it was more upbeat….so Sinima is doing part 3 right? and also i dunno if u thought about it, but u should have hala-x do part 4!!

  14. This shit is hot son!

    @savincent, is ar nice beat mad

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