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Rainy Nights

May 27 2007 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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15 Feedback

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80 BPM. Light guitar and piano track on a slow drum beat.

Moods: Relaxed, Sad
Genres: East Coast

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15 Feedback to “Rainy Nights”

  1. slantize this is bad ass beat u got hear, takes me to a peace full place

  2. good nice

  3. Yea… every time I hear that beat I can say it is damn good

  4. damn… such a good beat… but THE SNARE IS MUCH TOO LOUD!!!!

  5. rockkkk

  6. this beat is VIP

  7. every time i see a picture, it makes me really mad
    every day im reminiscing bout the memories we had
    I get real pissed when ppl crack a mama joke
    i know theyre only playin but to me that aint no joke
    growin up some poor ass kids always playin on the street
    always went to school hungry cuz theres not enough to eat
    every day all day i feel like im at my worst
    i feel like im trapped inside like i got this crazy curse
    cuz i hate this life and all the people in it
    buy a ticket from the lottery, cmon let me win it
    so i can leave this place, and all the fuckin retards
    get my own place, new girl and a sweet car
    i’ll move at my own pace, live life in a new place
    ill get a record deal and make beats full time
    get a new life that i can finally call mine
    ive been waiting my whole life, and now its my time

    yoo sick beat i want this one!! good job slant

  8. this beat is beautiful slantize

  9. i ain’t got the life on track
    with these cd’s on the rack
    all i do is talk back
    to the hataz who tried to smack
    me back to the sub-urbs.
    i feel my shit a curse
    and you might get a-ccursed
    when you see me at my worst.
    my mind at any time,
    will just blow up and burst,
    but yet even so,
    i try ta feed my thirst
    for love of my dream.
    all i do is be-lieve
    in what i can a-chieve
    i ain’t stridin for per-fection
    might as well be up in heaven
    if i’m thinkin that way
    i wish people under-stood
    that nobody pure good
    since jesus christ died.
    i open my eyes wide
    and i think with every stride
    “why am i a-live?”
    irrelivant question i know,
    but this skill i will not blow,
    just for the sake of you to know

    this beat is amazing. when i first heard it i thought it was a bit too quiet. but now i think it’s a work of art! great job slantize. 4/5

  10. this beat is beautiful slantize..the guitar really hits me

  11. sad yet uplifting
    great job!!!!!!11

  12. sick tune proper sad but vibey tune slantize is sick

  13. Nice Work Mixing (Y)

  14. gorillaz vs 50 cent LOL just kidding

    havent heard a sad beat seens “i wish”

    this best reminds me of something but i forgot LOL

  15. Hottest shadowville track in a minute. This sounds a little sad but strangely uplifting! what a combination. Your bass has improved! good job!

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