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Jun 01 2007 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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21 Feedback

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91 BPM. This is somewhere between Dipset style and underground club. Funky horns over a New York snap style drum pattern.

Moods: Dark, Silly

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21 Feedback to “Creep”

  1. http://Www.GhomayshiNews.Vcp.Ir ——- > I like it

  2. where does chrous and shit start? nice beat dog about to tear it up

  3. sick beat. i want this shit

  4. Hot ass beat, A head thumper

  5. este beat esta bueno

  6. lol word, I like this.

  7. Are those horns sampled from something? Sounds like Mack the Knife.

  8. yes sir.

  9. hala-X .. No1 (Y) ;)


  11. Sumone tell me how i can get in contact with hala to talk business!!!!

  12. Nice Beat I NEED FIRE beat

  13. F****** NICE

  14. i LOVE this beat!!!!!!!! but I can’t figure out where the verses and the chorus start and stop? help me out.
    <3 and /BeXXXtacsy

  15. gooooooooooooooooooooodddd

  16. chea i know kinda reminds ms of “lodon bridge”

  17. i like the beat, it could easily be a club hit. but i think of fergie when i hear it lol.

  18. this that classic unconventional fya that Hala is known 4 i can easily make a hit wit this in fact hala i might get at u 4 the exclusive 4 this so holla at me u know my

  19. cool

  20. Damn! Dig it! Straight fiiiiyaaa!
    Think my speakers just broke down because of this one. ;)

  21. This beat is just wierd, good but wierd. Iono what to say other then that.

    Oh right,

    First comment WooP

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