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Keep Hustlin

Jun 02 2007 | BPM: 78 | Producer: hala-X
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39 Feedback

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Epic piano and horns mixed with slow ridin’ drums make this beat real gangsta. Strings and bass guitar on the hook.

Moods: Epic, Soulful

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39 Feedback to “Keep Hustlin”

  1. great beat mr.shadow did a song to this beat called “code of silence”

  2. My favourite beat hala x

  3. still sick…only the bass line is not so good.

  4. Me & my homie killed this shit.On UnControlD

  5. ” Ima magnet for static , anxiety havin asthmatic.
    Im ur classical panick attackin, mad rappin addict”…_ On UnControlD

    I had to record a (Promo) track to this. verse was so hot Nas called me a Lyrical Assassin. peep

  6. this iz fiyah

  7. Just wondering why nobody has buyed this o0


  9. omg…

  10. iller beat

  11. reminds me off this song:
    Fabolous - Breath

  12. 10 outta 10 DAWG!!!! keep it up homie

  13. good shit

  14. I’ve got to say I’ve never heard a beat this sick fam.. This really is a masterpiece, why haven’t you sent this to any major artists? I think Nas would have a go at this myself.. keep it up

  15. hala aynısın bre :)

  16. sounds like ‘breathe’ from fabolous

  17. wanna bow down to this beat…so sick

  18. wrote a song to this. called it “warfare”.

  19. nope

  20. did you sample this from one of jay-z’s previous albums…he has a track with a beat that is very similar to yours

  21. u kno .. i could totally see lloyd banks on this beat .. FUCK

  22. this beat is fuckin amazing, it has like a “im gon rize” type feel 2 it, keep yo shit up mayne

  23. This is some crazy shit…

  24. Fuckin’ Dope.

  25. Damn fool this is the sickest beat I eva heard you know I’m coppen this shit>

  26. got damn nice!

  27. aferim böle devam et olcak olcak ;)

  28. hot shit..horns rox

  29. Damn, this beat is CRAZY!

  30. Shadowville Studio’s is so good, the hip hop beats so damn, so crazy, this is a good shit, respect.. peace !

  31. chorus is not possible :)

  32. Ok so finally I’m allowed to comment :) . . . .
    This beat is where it belongs #1 (Shadowville charts) cuz its that hot!

  33. dude i jus can’t get enough of this beat man i know i comented befor on it but damn this shit is fyah!!!!!!!!

  34. This shit is BANANAZ! Good shit Hala.

  35. Thanks for the love

  36. maaaaaan hala u rock dawg ..

  37. i aint even got words for this one

  38. hey wuts man this is fuckin fya definitly 1 uv ur hottest trax jus fuckin spektakular DAMN!!!! hey by tha way i was on you-tube 2day i heard this underground guy MrStereo he got real potential he did a fucking amazing remix of one love by Nas u guys should realy check it out search: Nas - One Love Rmx (feat.Bob Marley)oh my god i think u would really appreciate it

  39. Hot DAMN! Hala, this one is sicker than golden showers!

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