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East Side

Jun 09 2007 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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16 Feedback

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82 BPM. Laid back, east coast style beat with light guitar and bells.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed

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16 Feedback to “East Side”

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  2. cool beat

  3. this is a nice one, man. real smooth and soulful, while at the same time leaving plenty of space for dope rhymes. good work man, keep it up! i’m always stoked to see a new hala-x beat come out!

  4. Almost the full beat of MC eiht…no sample :D….but gud luk in future

  5. What sample??

  6. Nice job bro..

  7. This beat is so smooth.. Real laid back.. Would fit my style and flow perfectly.. I definatly gotta work on something to this.. Great work Hala!

  8. agree with conres.

  9. i can feel it……..n da hook da best part..din expect it..

  10. HALAX REALLY needs to make an EastSide II… that would be incredible.

    DO HALA DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This beat, STRAIGHT FIRE!
    Damn i cant wait to tear this shit up… some real easy, smooth relaxing, crusing joint right here. gotta be one of my all time favorites from Shadowville/HalaX

  12. it aint no east side beat. it’s almost the same beat Mc eiht used with ”All For The Money” MC Eiht is from Cali..

  13. why do you have to put vocals on every second beat…. it destroys the whole beat if you want to sing ahook yourself….

  14. thats a sicc beat but lexxx remembers Mc Eict
    all your shit is nasty azz fucc though

  15. yeah this reminds me of something. def mid 90’s, a rapper like nas or BIG wit maybe N R&B singer on the hook.

  16. Nice. Reminds me of early to mid 90s type of hip hop that you’d see a video for filled with city scenes.

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