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The Final Stage

Jul 22 2007 | BPM: 126 | Producer: Slantize
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Piano, synth flute, muted guitar on a Timbaland style drum pattern. Synth melody from a classic video game.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: R&B, Urban

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16 Feedback to “The Final Stage”

  1. This is really amazing! Just add abit reverb on the crunk strings or north lead.

  2. Check out this inspirational song i did with shadowville beat.

  3. check out what i did with shadowville beat.

  4. Sonic & Knuckles [Sonic 3]

  5. wow dis is why dis guy is my fuccin fav producer of all time like he’s a legend thru my eyes

  6. deng dung g├╝zel la

  7. This beat is amazing and sega like keep it up one the best beats ya made

  8. Damn dat ish is gettin on dat beat rite der…ill let u guys hear in about 2 weeks

  9. One of my all-time favorite right here!
    Love that synth-flute!

  10. This is some fire shit …

  11. hotness

  12. Wow.. I just beat Sonic 3 this afternoon at work. (It’s the boss music for those of you who are wondering…)

  13. This would be hot wit the right R&B singer and rapper.

  14. the beat is tense i love it, gensis owns every console made lol, n the beat reminds me of the game streets of rage

  15. what game, i’m curious? Fire beat

  16. strate out the 80z type ish i can ricky ross and young jeezy all on this mother f-er 4 real

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