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Absolute Power

Jul 26 2007 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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82 Feedback

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78.5 BPM. Epic choir sample with constantly moving cellos and violins, on a southern drum pattern.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Frantic

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82 Feedback to “Absolute Power”

  1. This is fuckin EPIC ! I NEVER HEARD SO GREAT BEAT EVER ! And also i’m fan of Final Fantasy, theme of choirs you’r used from Final Fantasy 8. I know this beat is old but i could listen this beat all day and all night, i didnt knew you have so beat talent, thank you Slan for this beat. And im sorry for my english, is on average level…

  2. when will this beat be available?

  3. how I buy this canto?

  4. well..m an amateur rapper..can u send me this..??
    my id is

  5. pasa nmn cge na po plszszssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Damn bro this beat just takes time to make something this great

    Send this to me man my entire family wants to hear me rap to this

  7. ay i want this pleeeeeeease send it to me

  8. how can I download this crazy beat..?

  9. i wanr this beat please

  10. I have this beat from a couple months ago. It’s some God VS Satan shit! I have heard everyone i let listen to it, say this beat is the hottest shit they’ve heard ina long time. AGREED

  11. Can You Send This Beat To Me I Really Want This Beat!

  12. xD HeLal_ God Joß Man <3

  13. man this right here is a hit man its powerful and hot as fuk

  14. cno ma lupit jn…pwde sample sige na ..
    isa lang 2l

  15. hey

  16. awesome

  17. That’s grate man, I like it!

  18. shit sounds like something from god of war. 5 stars

  19. Very much diggin the FF8 sample homie.

  20. ohooooooo very very nice beat man .. what software u use ? <3

  21. i must have this beat exclusively

  22. final fantasy cool beat

  23. Hi! I really like some of the beatz from you and various others on Shadowville! So I’ve got a question: - if I record some lyrics over any tracks from here and put them on my MYSpace or Youtube for ‘non-profit’ purposes - just to first try and get my lyrics out there - and I give due credit on my page to any producers on Shadowville - then is that ok!? I’d rather ask you guys first, than to just do it without permission like I know a lot of people do. Thanks

  24. Adam Yapmış koymuş bu kadar.

  25. korkunç bi film müziği gibi :D

  26. this song reminds me of my days in africa.

  27. eyw. snkk59

  28. Here’s Some Lyrics

    This is Like Another Bullsiht 3rd war I don’t give a damn cause thats not what im here for But I Will Shaw These Mothe Fuckers What Ive In Store For any Who wanna go to war and people trying to fuck with me Cause i made off these streets so if anybody mad at me fuck em cause life aint sweet if it was id making a mill a week just doin nothin and bein lazy it’s crazy just to say whats going on in my life so fuck and yall die tonight

  29. mjaaaazga

  30. i deffinantly kill more nigga on call of duty4 listining to this sound track….ha ha ha

  31. final fantasy baby!! this beat is ABSOLUTE off da hook!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Beat is dope.. straight fire.. one question though…. how come theres only twelve bars before the hook kicks in.. did you break the 16, 8 format on purpose?

  33. i was wondering if that was final fantasy 8 in the background….LOLLLL good stuff man.

  34. Good use of the FF8 sample man, I like your work so far.
    Keep it up.


  35. This is from Final Fantasy VIII a RPG game.
    Its super nice.

  36. and about the beat its hott love the sample real epic feel

  37. vtz beats are the shit i like them a lil better tans yalls sorry honest though just a lil hes my favorite him sinima and enigma

  38. i heard this beat ages ago and this was THE beat that got me interested in making hip hop beats. Now I’m sellin beats locally makin a few hundred extra a month. thanks Slant you made this happen for me lol. THERES MY TESTIMONIAL HAHA.

  39. This is Great :$

  40. “Mugabes got absolute power- the closest you’ll get is the beat you made” lol

  41. i was gonna write a song to this…but i couldn’t find out when the chorus started :P

    and with the choir it seems to interrupt your lyrics, kinda like a loud annoying kid behind you when ur tryna talk

  42. One of the sickest beats ever.

  43. Real epic, real nice.

  44. I was Wondering if you knew what the choir is saying on the :Absolute Power” beat? It sounds latin im not sure though? it would be nice to know what the are saying Naw mean? By the way your beats are dope as FUCK! keep them comin homie!

  45. Yo Slantize, email me man..I like your work and want to work with you.

  46. hahaha! ^

  47. i think this should be submitted to Square-Enix for their new Final Fantasy coming out, would be SO dope lmao

  48. This is a final fantasy track?

  49. sick beat i think about buing it

  50. fucking banger!! i love this epic battle shit

    one of the best beats, i have EVER heard.

  51. damnnn its very nice i like sooo muchh…got a nother version of that..but real faster …holla back salesh..switzerland represent..

  52. this beat is awesome. . i got some real good lyrics when put this one in.

  53. im not trying to advise you or sumthin im just sayin it wicked as it is and i tried to turn it into somethn and it kinda overpowers the vocals which is tight in its own way and good for you i just wanted to let you know what i was thinkin. congrats on the tight beat and keep em coming

  54. hey yo stop beefin over this wicked beat. its tight but just as some constructuve criticism(im deep into alot of your shit slantize) the vocals are pretty loud with that sample but it kinda seems like it would be better as it is without recording over it.

  55. your not kanye west.. so that excuse does not really apply to you.. im just saying man im not telling you to name every sample on a beat.. im just saying if your using a pretty big and known sample give credit to who ever or where ever its from.. because i thought that the beat was straight up created from scratch but really it just sounds like final fantasy over a beat.. and dont get all butt hurt im just stating my opinion

  56. It says it was sampled. I’m not going to name every source of a sample. That’s like asking Kanye West where he gets his clips from. Sample origins are provided in your license.

  57. Hey man i was just informed that the sample on this beat comes from that game Final Fantasy 8 you guys should have at least gave credit.. to who ever made that sample.. just like you guys would want some one to give u guys credit if they used your beat for a non-profit project..

  58. fantastic!

  59. Sounds like pure MAGIC….. we’ll see ;-)

  60. OMG FINAL FANTASY VIII XD me and my friend are always having fun playing this game xD the main characters are from tha west coast and the enemy’s are east coast xD man she’s gonna laugh so hard when she hears this theme xD

  61. vtz is the shyt yall brown nosen
    yall pussys but shadowvilles version is better but dont talk shit about vtz

  62. he he…screwed it up the first time…


    maybe they should remake the original on here, and make it official.


    maybe they should remake the original on here, and make it official.

  65. nuttin wrong with that ! its nobody’s sample so everybody can use it and enjoy making sum heat with it ! stop crying about hey that sample was used before !

  66. yea this sample is used by everyone lol

  67. y don’t u and vtz collaborate or is there beef?

  68. what program was used to make this?

  69. they shoud’ve use this beat for the movie 300

  70. Congrats Slant on making Robert Mugabes official theme song…u should sell it to him…you would get rich

  71. nice flip on that ff sample, i think everyone’s had a go with this one haha

  72. nice beat

  73. da sample is taken from final fantasy 8 - liberi fatali, but it’s a wkd rmx

  74. Whats the sample saying?

  75. yea it’s rapture both beats r dope

  76. called the rapture i think

  77. whats the name of vtz’s beat? (ridiculous beat by the way. probably one of my favorite shadowville beats ever!)

  78. DAMN

  79. Thats sample from FF right?

  80. ps and this hook as his outro

  81. After reading your comment, i went through all the VTZ beats… it seems like that he only used that sample as his intro

  82. vtz uses that same choir sample

    i like your version way better

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