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Alone Again

Aug 20 2007 | BPM: 80 | Producer: Slantize
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50 Feedback

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Western style guitar, soft bells and cellos, light pianos, with a touch of Eastern feel. Beautiful exotic female voice on the chorus.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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50 Feedback to “Alone Again”

  1. over the counter heartburn medicine

  2. please link

  3. just great.

  4. the hook spoilt it, awsome beat otherwise

  5. thats pritty good man keep the good work up

  6. nerde download ?

  7. goood

  8. studiosklad


  10. I can spend the beat I really liked

  11. eyy my friend, Porta(MC), has this same beat in one one his songs ¬°¬°chiidooo!!

  12. wtf,this was S.P.Ms’ beat and the chorus says: They walk on me until I die,
    Take me to die so now they’ll come around

  13. Yoo man, I love this beat…
    But you stole it….!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From South Park Mexican…
    SPM - Swim…. ;)

  14. Yoo man, I love this beat…
    But you stole it….!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From South Park Mexican…
    SPM - Swim…. ;)
    look it up if you dont believe me…
    He for years in jail now…
    It’s a pretty old song…
    But still…

    @pzvaly, PENDEJOOO

    @pzvaly, did it ever occur to you that i produce for SPM and this beat was licensed to SPM? lol

    @Slantize, No shit really.. Thats pretty cool..!! Okey okey my apologies then.. ;)

  15. “komplex kais whats done is done”, Check it on youtube

  16. Hey this is South Park Mexicans beat it’s Called “SWIN” on the new album. why’s it a free beat?

  17. It’s cool Wasn’t expecting that chorus though I was lookin for a beat for a song this is the first one I played and it’s perfect ha, love this girls voice good work!

  18. khundam rush manam

    @amiralone, ENGLISH PLEASEE!!!!!!! >:O


    “Rooftop Memoriez” ‘Alona Again’ beat

    AWESOME job slantize!!!

    - Sturgis

  20. dope beat

  21. mann…..what a nice beat…

  22. Man I love this beat I could deffiniteley put a flow to this.

  23. Elimde Birtek O var

  24. !!!

  25. I’ve written lyrics to this for my ex…ahaha
    She seemed so shooked anyways don’t give a shit
    by the way…awesome beat slantize!…u rock!
    would u wanna be my producer? ahaha
    juss playin’…

  26. i love the guitar. a work of art

  27. wat is she saying ? =/ great fuckin beat by da way


    “What’s Done Is Done”- Track to this beat.

    Good work on the beat homie, Stay grinding!

  29. oh my freaking god
    im in love!!

  30. ya, this beat is nice. gives that sad western feel all the way

  31. Damn. Just heard this for the first time. Amazing beat. Slantize did it again…

  32. damn that shit is fire

  33. nice, i like that beautiful voice, but what is she exactly sayin’?

  34. its in thai, about being in pain

    @Slantize, haha fail! The chorus says “They walk on me until I die
    Take me to die so now they’ll come around”

    @kinball, I produced the beat. i would know where my samples came from. it just was cut like that so it sounded like english words lol. im sure u are an SPM fan, but you probably didnt buy the album because if you did you would see my picture in it and credits for several beats on The Last Chair Violinist.


    @dang3952, for me too

  36. Well, well.. Love the guitars.. I want more of that! =)

  37. that’s because she’s speaking Thai. she’s sayin somethin about being depressed/upset and in pain

  38. ayo what does it say in tha chorus?..cant really understand it..

  39. just be like Sermon and whatever she said im that haha

  40. thai or laos? something about being in pain and depressed

  41. and what is she saying?

  42. nice…what language the girl singin on the hook?

  43. Slant’s done it again…nice!

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