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Soft Grind

Sep 06 2007 | BPM: 89 | Producer: Slantize
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12 Feedback

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Club beat with unconventional drums with tape strings, dark synths, and piano.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Club

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12 Feedback to “Soft Grind”

  1. Bra dis is tha sickest ive heard. i salute dis nids proper recognition

  2. im gonna kill this. im not kidding. this beat is fucking dead. 5/5 btw

  3. that should be on top 10 best beats , sick beat

  4. i heard this beat before like in may in this year this beat is not new. i heard this from

  5. fucking hot!
    everything so damn nice! the clap, the main sound, the kick, everything!

  6. OOOOOWE BABY THIS HAUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im luvin tha drumz man

  7. makes me wana have crazy monkey sex………and to make a music video with fire, half or full naked girls, and some drinks….lol, sick beat Slant

  8. Nah Slant lol when i said timbaland style club beat i meant like ‘give it to me’ or ‘promiscious’…..this is ok but too dark.

  9. beats catchy as hell

  10. ok thats it im going to run you over. Damn i like this catchy melody it drives me nuts : : )

  11. wow…shits nasty as fuck. Yall boys gonna make me more bankrupt than i already am.

  12. Thats pretty tight….it’s different. Keep it up man.

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